Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Some people think I'm too nice...

Isn't that funny?  It just goes to show that everybody has a different perspective.  I've gotten comments on this blog indicating that I'm snarky, condescending, and sarcastic.  Actually, I am also those things, but I do try not to be a bitch unless someone really asks for it.

There's a guy on my Facebook friends list who is a real dick.  He often posts rude, disparaging, belittling comments on my page.  I'm not the only one he does this to; he's rude to a lot of people.  A lot of people have gotten sick of his bullshit and have deleted and blocked him.  I have tolerated him thus far because, to be honest, I sometimes find him entertaining.  He has a sense of humor and appreciates off the wall stuff.  And, while he's usually a dick and can be curmudgeonly sometimes, I have also seen evidence that he's not a total dick.

The other day, I posted a photo of Bill and me.  Since I used Time Hop, it showed that the photo was two years old.  It was actually taken in 2003.  Bill and I were 39 and 31 years old when the photo was shot.  That was twelve years ago, so we look somewhat different now.  I posted that the picture was taken in 2003.  The resident dickhead on my friends list made a snarky comment implying that we look old now.

Bill saw what the guy wrote and sent me an email telling me that he was getting pissed off at the dick's rude comments on my page.  Originally, I was going to respond with a rather benign comment. Then I changed my mind and stepped it up just a little bit.

Resident dickhead wrote: 

" It was actually taken in the summer of 2003, though... "
I was going to say . . ..

So my response was:

You were going to say what? If you're going to attempt snark on my page, I'd appreciate it if you would at least try to be funny instead of just rude.

He hasn't responded to that yet.  But another one of my friends said I was way too nice.  In retrospect, I probably have been nicer than I should be to that particular person.  I don't usually go out of my way to be nasty to people.  I'm sort of a believer in killing people with kindness when I can.  Bill is much nicer than I am.  Push me too far, though, and I do eventually embrace my inner bitch.  

On the other hand...  perhaps next time he snarks at me, I'll just post this.  Resident dickhead is not an Obama fan...  My other friend is right.  I should probably tell way more people to fuck off than I presently do.   

And, once again, I realize that I need to get a life.

Happily, I realize that in a week, I'll be on vacation.  I will have fucked the hell off myself for a change.


  1. To be sure, knotty, "dick" can be exasperating at times. He was often argumentative in the comments section of reviews at a certain defunct site, and he is quite ornery on what he calls "Evilbook." And yet, sometimes he can come across as a nice person.

    He's odd.

    1. Yes, he is odd. I keep him around so I can write blogs about him.

    2. Also probably not so nice.

  2. Perhaps you are too nice. Someday I will tell someone to fuck off. I look forward to doing so.

    1. I once did it to a highway worker from a speeding car. That definitely wasn't nice.


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