Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pukefest Tour 2016, part two

The drive to Stoke was long and it was Bill's first time driving on the left.  He did very well.  The kind guy at Hertz, who had seen me in my horrible condition, had upgraded us to a larger car with an automatic transmission.  Again, I will be writing a review for them.  They went above and beyond.

The whole way there, my stomach kept cramping.  I still had pretty bad diarrhea, too... like water flowing from my ass.  I managed to eat half a muffin at breakfast and drink some tea.  At lunch, I ate a little chicken from KFC.  Bill had fish and chips.  Ordinarily, I would have liked that myself, but I was still feeling fragile.  Also, on the way to Glasgow, there was a truck in front of us with an ad for fish and chips. Just the sight of it made me queasy and I had to close my eyes.  The memory of that was too fresh in my mind.

We had no time for dinner and I wasn't hungry anyway.  We did have snack packs at Avenue Q which included wine, chocolate, and chips.  I drank one glass, then gave the rest to Bill when we got back to the inn. He drank it on an empty stomach.

At 2:30am, I awoke to the sound of my husband violently vomiting in the toilet.  For some reasons, a lot of the toilets in Great Britain seem to really do a poor job of flushing.  Since I had diarrhea and was on the rag, I noticed it.  Bill probably didn't care so much as he hurled.  I had a dreadful feeling that he had caught my illness and we still had to drive to Thetford, where I hoped to base so we could check out my childhood home.  He denied it at first, but it's since become clear that I passed the bug to him.  So far, he has been spared diarrhea and a menstrual period, at least.

In the midst of this illness, I went on one of my favorite messageboards on Cruise Critic and described what had happened to me.  I wrote that I might have picked up the germ after sharing a drink at a whisky distillery.  Some rude British chap tried to tell me the alcohol should have killed the norovirus germ and said perhaps I had alcohol poisoning.  I told him that not only am I an experienced drinker; I also have a master's degree in public health.  Alcohol doesn't kill norovirus and I, for sure, know the difference between alcohol poisoning and a stomach bug.  Now that Bill has it, I know that's what ails us.

Anyway, the ride to Thetford was long and hard, especially when Bill had to pull off so he could throw up.  But we are here for the next three nights.  Bill and I will recover and go home to Germany, pick up Zane and Arran, and I will wash everything in hot water.


  1. It was every bit as bad as i feared it might be. The only thing that might possibly have made it worse would have been large marge in the cab with you.

  2. My dad says alcohol probably wouldn't even kill surface noroviruse germs, much less what's already on your body.

    1. I will post at some point about how much worse this could have been...

      At least we weren't both sick at the same time. Or on a ship full of puking people...


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