Saturday, March 26, 2016

Going home from Norwich tomorrow...

Looking forward to it.

Bill and I are now fully recovered from our stomach bugs and Auntie Flow has vacated, so I can go home and do laundry...  I look forward to sharing the many stories and photos collected on this trip.  It always amazes me how much busier I am when I travel.  ;)

We had a good day yesterday.  Went to see my home when I lived in England and my kindergarten.  Ended up drinking beer in the pub at our accommodations and met a former prison guard and his wife, who is apparently obsessed with the hit 80s TV show, Dallas.

Yes, it's been a very interesting trip.  We'll have to see what happens today.


  1. I'm glad you both recovered enough that you were able to see your former home and school.

    I really want to see Scotland. I learned that I'm roughly 1/32 Scottish. some Scottish woman married into my dad's otherwise mostly Acadian family. There's also someone in the mix who's Basque I'm supposedly 3/16 Basque as well. All of this is only as accurate as the LDS relatives' genealogical results are. I really need to splurge and have my DNA analyzed.

    i didn't know there was a person on he Earth still obsessed with "Dallas."

    1. She wasn't the first to mention Dallas. People in the UK loved that show. We have really met some interesting characters on this trip. I could write a novel.

      Scotland is amazing... People are so warm, friendly, and kind and the scenery is amazing.


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