Monday, March 7, 2016

Farewell, Nancy Reagan.

I don't actually have a lot to say about Nancy Reagan.  I remember her well because she became the First Lady when I was in the third grade and remained in that position until I was in eleventh grade.  That means for most of my schooling years, she was the First Lady.  Smart huh?  I am a credit to the public school system in Gloucester, Virginia.

Anyway, I remember her well because she launched that "Just Say No" program that was all the rage back in the 80s.  There were PSAs, rallies, news reports, and even songs.  The 80s were a big decade for the "war on drugs".  We were constantly inundated with messages that drugs are bad.  That was also the decade when we heard about AIDS all the time.  I don't think we hear nearly as much about it now.

Punky Brewster just says no!  Good God, this makes me feel OLD.  We recently lost George Gaynes, the "dad" on Punky Brewster, too.

I didn't really have any political opinions when I was a teenager.  I didn't follow politics at all.  In fact, I still don't really follow them, though with the advent of the Internet, it's impossible not to know something about politics.  I do remember people commenting on Nancy's obsession with being with Ronald Reagan and her expensive tastes.  I remember some people outright despised her for many reasons.  

Back in the 90s, I remember reading Kitty Kelley's scandalous book about Nancy Reagan which, if I recall correctly, made her out to be a raving bitch.  I really only read that book because it was in English and I was living in Armenia, where books in English were rare.  I read lots of crappy romance novels during that time period, too.  Kitty Kelley's book certainly did not reflect Mrs. Reagan in the most flattering light; though I have to admit, it was an entertaining read.  Especially compared to all the romance novels I read.  

Yesterday, I noticed that most of the folks commenting on Facebook were kind in their remarks about her.  I was glad to see it.  There's no need to be nasty about a 94 year old woman dying eleven years after her beloved husband.  Aside from that, Nancy had her good side.  She brought a lot of glamour to the White House and there was no denying how much she loved and supported her husband.

Bizarre mashup of The Flintstones, Michael Jackson, and Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No!" campaign. Given how Michael Jackson died, this seems especially odd.  Even odder, according to the credits, LaToya Jackson performed this little number.  I never would have guessed!

And Nancy even guest starred on "Diff'rent Strokes"!  This clip doesn't show Nancy, but it does show that the episode was about drugs.

Nancy Reagan certainly lived a long and eventful life.   She joins all the other celebrities who have already passed away this year.  We'll always remember her for imploring us to "Just Say No!"  May she rest in peace. 

The beginning of this clip shows that it was aired during an episode of Santa Barbara.  I mention this, only because besides reading crappy romance novels, I also heard a lot about Santa Barbara when I lived in Armenia.  It was a huge hit show for them in the 1990s, where it aired during prime time.


  1. I don't have particularly strong feelings about Nancy Reagan, either. I've red White House and Secret Service memoirs indicating that she was at times a bit demanding in sort of a clueless way, as in seemingly not understanding just how much she was asking of employees at times. Most of what I've read wouldn't indicate that she was particularly mean, though, except her daughter Patty's book. In Patty's regard, I'm not sure which side I believe.

    I agree that not much good can be accomplished by trash-talking a 94-year-old woman immediately after her death when there would appear to have been at least as much good as bad to say about her.

    1. I've been enjoying watching all the Just Say No campaigns!


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