Friday, March 11, 2016

A quest for Cisco...

For some reason, while sitting here dealing with my mental constipation, I thought of a time back in 2002 or so when Bill and I were engaged.  We lived in a crappy apartment in Fredericksburg, Virginia because we were broke.  Back then, Bill was just getting over being LDS.  I told him about how, when I was in college, a lot of my friends used to drink a fortified wine called Cisco.

Cisco was pretty nasty stuff.  It came in several fruity flavors and was mainly used for the sole purpose of getting drunk.  I never drank Cisco myself because I preferred beer over wine back in those days.  But I saw a lot of my friends "enjoy" it in the heady early 90s.  Apparently, Cisco caused a lot of problems for some novice drinkers.  It happened frequently enough that on the label, there was a note that read "This is not a wine cooler."  I doubt that stopped many people from chugging it. 

Someone enjoys Cisco wine.

Anyway, because we were both bored and broke in those days, one Saturday we decided to go on a quest to see if we could find some.  We didn't actually buy any of the stuff.  We just wanted to see if we could find it anywhere.

I remember stopping at several 7 Elevens in Fredericksburg, gazing at the refrigerators where most of the booze was kept, and taking note of what was offered.  We went to two or three convenience stores before we finally found Cisco.  Not surprisingly, the store was located in a poor part of town.  The more upscale areas did not offer any Cisco for sale.  That led us to believe that there is a link between an area's economic stability and the probability that one can purchase Cisco wine there.

Though I still enjoy boozing far too much for my own welfare, I am grateful that I never got addicted to this particular type of "liquid crack".  I also never drank Mad Dog 20/20, which was another popular cheap drink at college, along with Boone's Farm.  I did, on the other hand, try Zima, which was considered a "malt beverage" more akin to beer.  I remember it tasted like flat, less sweetened Sprite.  It came in a pretty cool looking bottle, though.  

That was a time where there were a lot of gimmicky beverages being hawked to the masses, like Crystal Pepsi.  That shit flopped pretty fast... almost like "New Coke" did in the mid 1980s.

 I remember this ad so well...  Don't think I ever drank this, though.


  1. I could never bring myself to try Crystal Pepsi. Someone in my family had saved some (if it had been all that great, it probably would not have been saved), but the idea seemed revolting.

    1. I would think it's no less yucky than Sprite. But 20+ year old soda is gross.


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