Friday, February 12, 2016

The last day without Bill...

Hopefully, the weather won't mess up Bill's travel plans.  I need him to come home before I end up killing myself.

No, I'm not feeling suicidal.  I'm just really accident prone.  Maybe it has to do with being sick and not quite as sharp as usual.

Yesterday, I wrote about Arran's accidents on one of my rugs.  I finally got so disgusted with the rug that I hauled it to the bathtub and rinsed it out.  Then I wrangled the rug out of the tub and outside, where it's now sitting on my patio furniture, sopping wet.  I did this while dressed in my nightgown and with bare feet, because I was too lazy to put on shoes.  I'm glad my neighbor didn't see me because I would have been in for a lecture.

It snowed a bit last night... just a half an inch or so.  It's been doing that all week.  Of course, that means my rug will stay wet all the longer.  I think I may just say "fuck it" and get a new cheap rug for Arran to befoul.  We bought that one in 2007, when we were here the first time.  It's served its purpose well, but may be beyond redemption.  Given that it's a shitty synthetic rug, nine years of service is pretty impressive.

I usually try not to drink a lot when Bill isn't here.  I mostly succeeded this week, with the exception of Wednesday.  I had too much wine and paid for it.  The wine was nice going down, but not so nice coming back up.  At least I was spared the hangover, though it was a dumb thing to do as I've been recovering from this bug I've had all week.  I probably would be completely fine today if I hadn't overdone it on wine on Wednesday.  But I didn't drink at all on Sunday, Monday or Thursday and I only had one beer on Tuesday because I was rationing our bottled water.  I probably won't drink tonight, either.  I've been going to bed early all week.

I started a new book last night, but I'm afraid it's going to bore me.  If I manage to finish it, there will be a review.  It's about Kathy Garver, who played Cissy on Family Affair, a TV show that was popular in the 60s.   That show was on before my time.  I'm not really sure what made me buy the book.  Maybe my reasons will become clearer to me once I'm finished reading.

I was too lazy to fix dinner last night, even though I was hungry.  I just wasn't in the mood to cook.  I ended up eating a handful of peanuts before bed.  Then, this morning, I was coughing so violently that I threw up.  On top of that, the bottom of my nose is very sore from it running earlier this week.

So yeah... it's been a tough week.  If I hadn't been feeling so poorly, I might have taken the dogs out for some walks and even gotten in the car and gone into town.  But I've been cooped up all week.  I'm ready to be done with it.

Bill is going to be flying home overnight, so by this time tomorrow, he should be back in Germany and on his way home.  I will do what I can to cope until then.  Maybe I'll find more places to travel.


  1. Bill probably can't get home soon enough. I hope the time passes quickly.

    I've watched a little of "Family Affair" but know nothing about Kathy Garver personally. Does she have any pertinent drama or an exciting backstory to share?

    1. Bill is now home, safe and sound. He just made me lunch. =)

      If Garver does have any drama or exciting backstory to share, I haven't read it yet. So far, her books consists of a lot of name dropping and bragging.


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