Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tasteless cakes...

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about Cake Wrecks, a Web site that highlights cakes that are in poor taste or demonstrate someone's warped sense of humor.  The post I wrote was about a cake that had a bride and a headless groom bleeding all over the cake.  At the time, I wrote that I thought the cake was in bad taste.  I still do, but I recognize some people find tasteless humor funny.  Most of the time, I am one of those same people, which I guess makes me a hypocrite.  Sue me.  Most people are hypocritical.

Nothing like a good piece of ass...

Yesterday, a Facebook friend shared pictures of a cake that was made to look like a very realistic baby.  The baby cake was covered in Saran Wrap in the first picture, which was weird enough.  The last picture showed the cake cut up.  The inside of the cake was pink, which I guess means the mother to be was expecting a girl.  I think we can all be glad the baker didn't use Red Velvet cake for the inside because eeeewwww!

Anyway, I couldn't restrain myself from sharing the pictures.  At this writing, I have thirty-three comments, most of which are about how disgusting the cake is.  A couple of people actually liked the photos.  One said she would eat the cake with gusto!

A few people seemed to be upset about the post.  One said she wished she'd never seen it.  My response was three-fold.  First off, it's really just a cake.  No actual babies were harmed in the making of the cake.  Yeah, the baker was a little too good at the realism, but when it comes down to it, there are worse things your shower guests could be eating, right?  Think about it.

Secondly, I didn't bake or serve the cake.  I probably wouldn't think to do that if I ever hosted a baby shower.  It wouldn't occur to me.  Or, at least it wouldn't until last night, when I saw those pictures for the first time.  I guess my decision as to whether or not I'd serve such a thing would depend on how I felt about the mother to be and whether or not I wanted to open up a can of worms.

And thirdly, Facebook is full of tasteless shit.  I get disgusted by a lot of things I see on Facebook.  I can name several things off the top of my head.  For instance, I hate seeing pictures of animal cruelty or hunting trophies.  I know people share the pictures to increase awareness and outrage, but it really upsets me to see photos of beagles being forced to inhale carbon monoxide, pictures of dead deer shot by hunters, or dogs with their snouts taped shut.  I am much more horrified by that than a picture of a cake that looks like a baby.  I also hate stupid memes, especially the ones that feature sick children, holier than thou religious messages, or politicians.

And I hate political rants of every stripe.  Last night, one of my conservative Christian cousins posted a meme about Bernie Sanders that  totally turned my stomach.  I was almost tempted to comment, but ultimately decided not to.  I'm already a black enough sheep in my family.

When you think about it, a picture of someone's skillfully made cake that looks an awful lot like a real human baby isn't as tasteless as it could be.  I'm sure that if I sat here and thought about it, I could come up with many more examples of tasteless humor I could spread to the masses.  How about a cake that is made to look like a scrotum?  Or maybe a fudge cake that looks like a rectum, complete with shit residue made to look realistic by using several kinds of chocolate frosting?  There is no accounting for taste and art is often shocking and tasteless...  I think if it generates discussion and makes you think, it's served its purpose.  I could even say that the baby cake inspired my own creativity today.

I bet a lot of the same people who cringe over the sight of a realistic looking baby cake would laugh over this news story...  People are such hypocrites!

I think I'll try to behave myself today.  Maybe we'll find somewhere else to chow down so I can write a nice, harmless restaurant review.


  1. I don't really care if anyone makes gross cakes as long as I do not have to look at them. Last night while I was online I saw the baby cake of which you wrote. Just seeing the picture of it caused me to lose my dinner.

    1. And you still have to get through gross anatomy? :)

  2. I'm through all anatomy courses I'll ever have to take. (We still have the occasional assignment in the anatomy lab, but i'm through the formal anatomy courses.) The baby cake all sliced up just looked too real for me.

    1. So you are more grossed out by a cake than the innards of an actual human being?

      I agree, the cake is creepy as hell. When I first saw it, I kind of cringed too... I figured I should share the wealth with all my friends!


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