Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Size 16 model on Sports Illustrated cover causes a ruckus...

I figure it's about time for another post about fat shamers.  If you read this blog with any regularly, you have no doubt seen me address this topic on a number of occasions.  I guess I just don't understand why some people feel like they have to opine about other peoples' bodies.  In the case of models, you have a bunch of people complaining about the larger women who are starting to show up on magazine covers.  Invariably, it's bitchy women who have a problem with this and certain men who find heavier women unattractive.

This topic comes up after someone posted this on Facebook and I saw it on my feed.

The comments on this were interesting...

A lot of people were praising this picture.  A lot of men were commenting on how "smokin' hot" Ashley Graham is.  A lot of women were excited to see a curvy woman with flesh on her bones rocking a bikini.  Let me be clear.  I am a booster.  I think people can be beautiful in many sizes.  I also think people can be healthy at many sizes.  

And yet, if you check out the comments on this photo, you'll also find all kinds of hateful commentary and people disguising their disgust with concern trolling comments.  There were thousands of comments on this post.  I spent a few minutes looking for what people had to say about the size 16 model.  Here are a few examples...

Why am I being forced to find this attractive? I just don't think it is. But it has to be crammed down my throat? Sorry but no. You can promote and push all you want but guys want what guys want at the end of the day.

The reason they are famous and are models is because they are 0. They are have something special that others do not? That is why girls look up to them... We don't live in a world where everyone gets a piece of the pie. It doesn't work that way

Sam, your are absolutely correct. Guys are not buying the swimsuit issue to look at fat chicks. We have become a society of pansy ass politically correct pussies. Guys get their genitals cut off and we're supposed to call them women and treat them like women, the fatties cry that they don't get as much modeling work so the companies cave in and put a size 16 on the cover. Just pathetic. Don't get me wrong, I think she's a good looking woman, but not for the swimsuit issue.

Oh yeah it's totally normal to be overweight. Let's just start glamorizing it now because we don't have the willpower to eat healthy and workout. Let's bash the skinny girls because they work hard to have a nice body and were too lazy. You only have one shot at life, so why the hell not put that dam pizza or extra cream latte down and have the body you want? Not that hard!

Being fat is not healthy. Y r people glamorising being grossly unhealthy. Yhh she looks k. But y on earth are u saying it's ok to let yourself go. Come on people.

This is a outrage! Do u know how hard women have to work and how much they starve themselves?! Now they are gonna let any fatty fat fat with a cheeseburger in their belly just walk on the cover like its no biggy? Sheesh!

This is sports illustrated. It's suppose to show women who are passionate about fitness, women who work hard for their bodies... This doesn't look healthy or fit. Glamorizing being over weight is sickening. I want to see a woman who is truly fit and worked hard to be on the cover of sports illustrated. Not saying she isn't beautiful.. Just not fit for a sports illustrated cover by any means.

I'd squirrel all of my erect genital inside of her mucus mitten. I probably wouldn't call her again though.

Many of the above comments came from men, but quite a few similarly nasty remarks also came from women.  In fact, the women seemed to be more critical than the men.  I think I would hate to have a job that depended entirely on my looks.  Women like Ashley Graham can't win.  Someone's always going to have something ugly to say about how she's doing her job.  Either that, or people are going to comment about the sexual things they'd like to do to her.  Incidentally, a lot of the shitty men who are opining about Ashley's looks are guys she probably wouldn't fuck with a stolen vagina.  Moreover, she can always lose or gain weight as she chooses, but those guys will be stuck with the same sized dick no matter what they do.  ;)

Sometimes, when I see stuff like this, I can't help but feel nostalgia for the days before Facebook.  Hell, I can't help but feel wistful for the days before the Internet, when you could avoid reading other peoples' thoughts.  It's amazing how different life is now.  

Don't get me wrong.  I mostly love the Internet.  I love being able to chat with old friends any time I want to without paying for long distance.  I enjoy being able to share my thoughts with the world.  I can even share my music, which is something I never thought I'd be able to do.  

I just think it's sad that so many people are evidently very shallow and selfish.  Apparently some other people feel like they have to right to dictate to others what we should all consider attractive or beautiful... or healthy.   

I don't really follow the fashion industry.  I did used to watch America's Next Top Model, but mainly that was for the drama.  When I was much younger, I read women's magazines.  I didn't necessarily care about the models.  I think I read them because my sisters did.  Sometimes I enjoyed the articles.  It's been years since I last bought a Cosmo or a Glamour.  I was never into Vogue because it was too high fashion for my taste.  Back in those days, you didn't get so much feedback from the rank and file.  Now that we have Internet, everyone has a voice...   

I'm all for people using their voices.  I just wish it didn't seem like so many people have such hateful things to say.  Let me go on record to say that I celebrate diversity, especially when it comes to fashion.  I think Ashley Graham is gorgeous.  A lot of people agree.  The ones who think she's "unhealthy" would probably do well to focus on their own health instead of worrying about hers... or mine, for that matter.


  1. This is beside the point, but I don't think she looks much like a size 16. She carries it much better than most if she is, indeed, a size 16. I see nothing wrong with how she looks. I just don't think she's quite "plus-sized" except perhaps in the esoteric world of models.

    1. Well, she is very tall, which could be why she doesn't look that plus sized.


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