Monday, February 29, 2016

Positive vibes...

Just took the dogs in for their dentals.  Zane's went fine, but Arran has a large patch of infected skin near his lips.  He's had that for as long as we've had him, which is over three years.  Lately, it's gotten worse than it was.  He's has a crusty lesion that bleeds a little when he eats or plays.  It looks ulcerated and nasty.  Most every day, I pull the scab off because it's loose and gross and pretty much popping off by itself anyway.

The vet decided to biopsy it, which immediately makes me nervous.  Whenever I hear the word biopsy, I always think of cancer.  It may just be a nasty infection that won't clear up because it's always damp and he's always re-injuring it.  Or it could be something more sinister.  She put in a couple of stitches.

This comes, of course, in the two weeks leading up to our vacation in Scotland.  The last time we went to Scotland, we were dealing with MacGregor's issues.  He ended up having cancer and we had to euthanize him about two weeks after we came home.

If you have any good vibes to spare, we'd appreciate them.  Arran seems basically happy and healthy, but we did find that mast cell tumor last year.

I'm going to try to be positive, but I have to admit I'm worried.  It's probably just a bad infection, though... lip fold pyoderma.


  1. I'm sending prayers and positive thoughts for Arran.

    1. Thanks. I really do expect it's just lip fold pyoderma. Hopefully, I'm worrying for no reason.


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