Thursday, February 11, 2016

It really has been a yucky week...

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday.  This week has not been fun.  First off, I got sick and have been dealing with a nasty cold.  I am feeling mostly better today, though a cough still lingers.

Next, the weather has sucked.  We've had lots of wind, rain, and snow.  It's cold and nasty outside, so I haven't been able to walk the dogs.  Of course, even if the weather had been perfect, I've been pretty sick anyway and in no condition to take them for a walk.

Because the dogs haven't been getting their walks, there have been a few accidents in the house.  I found one early this morning.  Actually, Zane found it.  He sniffed where I'm assuming Arran took a big whiz.  So I had to get down on my hands and knees and clean up that mess as best as I could.

ETA:  I went to check our mailbox and missed another turd left there by our resident stealth shitter, Arran.  We have a built in doormat that is brown and orange, so shit blends in.  I went to open the door and heard it scrape against something.  Sure enough, there was a good sized piece of crap there that I didn't see this morning.

I literally haven't gotten dressed all week.  The weather still looks like it sucks today, though I might venture out later if it doesn't rain or snow again.

And of course, it's also been pretty lonely this week, too.  I have really missed Bill and his Internet access is only marginally better in Tanzania than it was in Burkina Faso.

On the positive side, I have been doing a lot of reading... and torturing myself with 7th Heaven episodes.  I swear, that show is like a trainwreck.  It's so addictive, yet so infuriating.  I sit there and yell at the screen, especially when Stephen Collins is on it as RevCam.

I did have an interesting idea, though.  You know how Full House is being relaunched as Fuller House?  I think it would be interesting if 7th Heaven had a similar reboot.  They should have a show with Ruthie Camden (Mackenzie Rosman) as the star.  She could be a lesbian psychoanalyst with adopted twins from somewhere in Africa.  She could be shacking up with her Chinese girlfriend who doesn't speak much English.  And she could have purple hair.

I might actually watch and enjoy a show like that.

I really need to pry myself away from 7th Heaven and watch a good movie or something.

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