Sunday, February 28, 2016

I love a good par-tay!

Last night, Bill and I hung out with some Americans affiliated with the local military installations.  It was a real blast seeing everybody and talking to someone besides Bill and my dogs.  We had lots of good food and good company and I was introduced to the evilness that is the game Cards Against Humanity.  I must have been living under a rock to miss this super fun adult party game that is custom made for someone as warped as I am.

The party started at 3:00 and I think it had pretty much broken up by 9:30.  Bill and I came home and went to bed at a reasonable hour.  I woke up feeling pretty good, which is in sharp contrast to how I felt on Saturday morning.

The odd thing is that we ended up meeting two exMormons.  Well, actually, we only met one in person.  The other was a guy on one of the local Facebook groups who piped up that I should hand out a Book of Mormon next time we get a visit from the Jehovah's Witnesses.  A couple stopped by right we got a visit from the apple and potato man and Bill had to tell them "Nein danke."

The other exMormon was one of the party attendees last night.  I never would have guessed he was an exMo, but he was talking about a fleshlight, which is basically a male sex toy.  Bill had explained to me what it was a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently, it resembles a flashlight and this guy's boss, apparently LDS, found it and thought it was a large flashlight.  Nope.

Sometimes living in Germany is a real hoot.  One of the best things about living abroad in an expat community is that you tend to meet people you otherwise wouldn't.  A lot of the people we hung out with last night wouldn't necessarily hang out with us in the States.  That's because when you're in your own country, there are too many groups you can be part of... people who are liked minded.  When you live abroad, you sort of end up being forced to bond with other people.  I like that, because you end up with a more interesting and diverse group of friends.  I enjoy hearing about other peoples' lives and learning about other cultures, even if it's just a state that isn't in the southern United States.

Here's something else I noticed.  A lot of the folks we hung out with last night are either retired military or enlisted.  And they are a hell of a lot more fun than a lot of the officers we used to hang out with.  A few years ago, I posted about how much I suck at parties.  I think the issue is that a lot of officers' parties are just boring.  People are too respectable and dignified at those gatherings.  I've never seen an officer break out an adult party game.  Of course, the one time Bill and I had a party, we got a little inappropriate.

Anyway, I'm not sure what we're going to do today.  I've started the laundry, which takes forever here.  I actually really miss my simple top loading washing machine that doesn't take two hours to do one load.  Tomorrow, I have to take the dogs to get their teeth cleaned.  It's definitely time for that.


  1. I like the idea of meeting up with people with whom you would ordinarily not have contact.

    1. If you live overseas, it's likely to happen!


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