Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day, you ugly bitch!

I am inspired to blog again this afternoon because of an ad that was posted in one of our local Facebook groups.  It's Valentine's Day, right?  It's a day that is intended for showing your sweetheart how much you care about them.  What makes a good Valentine's Day gift?  Flowers, jewelry, chocolate, perfume, a trip to the spa...  What makes a crappy Valentine's Day gift?  Household appliances, especially things like irons, vacuum cleaners, and power washers.  You know what else makes a crappy Valentine's Day gift?  Anything that implies that your sweetheart needs "improvement".

The ad that was posted in our group was from a lady who offers minimally invasive cosmetic services.  She addressed the ladies who might have gotten gas station roses from their sweethearts, telling them that they could instead pay for one of her treatments.  As a fellow woman, it surprises me that this practitioner doesn't see how her suggestion might be received.  Nothing says, "Happy Valentine's Day, you ugly bitch!" like a gift certificate for plastic surgery or a workout DVD or acne medication.  It's just a bad idea.

It's one thing if your wife or girlfriend specifically requests cosmetic treatments.  If your sweetheart says to you, "Honey, I would really love to have a Vampire lift, but I can't afford one." maybe it might be okay to give her that for Valentine's Day.  It's quite another thing if you go out and purchase something like that without any clue that she'd appreciate it.

I will admit, when I first saw the ad, I misread it and thought men were being targeted.  It was actually the women who were being addressed.  But, I think it's telling that as a woman, I didn't see it as a comment to women.  How many men, being very practically and aesthetically minded, would look at that idea and think, "Hey... my wife could use a beauty treatment.  It will make her prettier, which will make her happier.  And I will be happier because she looks better.  It's a win/win!"?  Certainly some guys would never think of that because they wouldn't want to spend the money on something like that.  But a lot of men don't necessarily think of how something like that might come across.  They might think of a gift like that as an opportunity to help their wives look better and not consider that the gift could backfire because she might perceive it as an insult.

In fairness, sometimes women are thoughtless when it comes to gifts, too.  A few years ago, I blogged about the infamous Christmas present I received from one of my sisters.  She bought me Proactiv, the acne treatment.  She was excited about it because she'd gotten a deal and it had worked great for her.  I don't actually have a lot of acne now.  I will admit that I had been curious about Proactiv.  But to get it under the Christmas tree sent the message that I need to improve myself.  This same sister has also given me workout tapes/DVDs.  Basically, she implied that I was fat and had zits, which of course, I am and did (acne is less of a problem these days).  Thanks for reaffirming my flaws.

Anyway, I had to leave a comment.  It was actually a warning to the men.  I reminded them not to buy a gift like that unless their sweetheart specifically requested it.  Otherwise, they might end up on the couch instead of in the sack.  The post got deleted, which is just as well.  Even though she addressed the ladies, I think it would be smart not to include a gift idea angle in advertising for those types of services.  It's just risky.

In my previous post today, I posted a picture of Bill's Valentine's Day gift to me.  He told me that his buddies asked him how much the earrings had set him back and what he had to apologize for.  I thought that was kind of sad.  He doesn't have to apologize for anything... except maybe bringing home a virus from Burkina Faso.  He bought me a gift in Tanzania because the opportunity presented itself.  I told him I was interested in Tanzanite and he happened to be where Tanzanite is found.  It's Valentine's Day.  He loves me and was thinking of me.  So he bought me pretty earrings.  If he had bought me the earrings along with a Lifestyle Lift, I probably wouldn't be as pleased.  I'd rather have gas station roses.  At least they're pretty and smell good.  Who cares if they came from 7 Eleven?

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