Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Christ, they're back!

Have you heard the big news?  The Duggar kids are coming back to TLC.  I knew this would happen and I knew it was just a matter of time.  And while I am certainly not privy to the financial arrangements that have been made to get this family back on the air, my guess is that Boob has arranged it so that he gets a generous piece of the financial pie.  It would be nice if I could be wrong about this.  I would LOVE to see the now mostly adult Duggar kids being paid for what they do without the "guardian of the vaginas" sticking his hand in the pot.  But that would be just too unrealistic.

So, the new show focuses on Jill and Jessa, just as I predicted it would ages ago.  I watched their specials, which aired in December 2015 and thought they were pretty boring.  I guess that means I won't be tuning in to their new show, mainly because my computer can't handle much more shit on the hard drive.  And also, I hate the idea of putting money in Boob's and Michelle's coffers simply because they fucked a lot and produced many children.  

I suppose I shouldn't be so filthy as I write this.  I think today's earlier post put me in a mood, mainly because after I finished writing it, I found some articles that were related to Pensacola Christian College and similar schools about people who have been punished for being raped on campus.  That pissed me off, so I'm not inclined to use the kind of language one might hear at a valedictory address at a baptist seminary.    

It will be interesting to see how this new series is received.  My guess is that it will probably be a lot like the old series, minus a couple of undesirables.  And if it's like the old series, it'll be boring.  Being boring coupled with the unsavory aftermath of Josh's perversions may mean the newer show won't last so long.  

I can always count on entertaining comments whenever I mention this on Facebook.  Last night did not disappoint when I shared the news with my friends.  One new friend is from Australia and I had to explain to her why Jill and Jessa are married to Ben and Derick.  She didn't realize that Boob doesn't let his offspring pick their mates.  He also doesn't let them be adults, other than using them to do the parenting that he and his wife should be doing.

Anyway... I suppose I'll keep my eyes peeled to see if this new show is worth viewing.  I doubt it will be, even for snark value.  I suppose one thing about exposing America to this family is that everyone knows that being Christian doesn't mean that one is necessarily wholesome and pure.  I have a feeling more skeletons will fall out of the closet.

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