Friday, February 5, 2016

Blasted African germs!

When Bill came home from Burkina Faso last weekend, he wasn't feeling well.  Usually, when that happens, I end up not feeling well soon afterward.  Such is the case this week.  I started feeling icky last night and still feel icky today.

I don't feel as horrible as I could feel... yet, anyway.  But since Bill is going to Africa again this weekend, I am hoping there will be no other germs to invade my body next weekend.  For now, I just have a cough and feel a little achy.  Bill seems better though, so maybe this won't be a major event that knocks me out of commission.

I vacuumed and did three loads of laundry.  I studied German, admittedly in a half assed way.  Now I'm considering taking the dogs for a walk... but I may not feel like it.  The sun is sort of out, though.  It may be a good opportunity for them to blow off some steam.

I don't have much to bitch about yet today.  I spent most of the morning doing housework and haven't had time to think about current events.  I may be back later, though.

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