Monday, February 8, 2016


So, what felt a little like the flu has turned into a miserable cold.  I went from being fatigued and dazed to a coughing, sneezing, sore throated, nasally congested fool.  This cold has done nothing to kill my appetite, either.  I was hungry in the middle of the night because I ate an early dinner and went to bed.

Bill was home just long enough to infect me with a nasty cold virus.  Now he's back in Africa and I'm sitting here hating life.  And not caring one whit about the Super Bowl, either...  I seriously don't give a flying fuck about football.  Not that I could "fly" anywhere, especially in the condition I'm in today. I look and feel like warmed over crap.

I'm still watching 7th Heaven episodes because I enjoy torturing myself.  It's one of those shows that is so bad it's good, especially when you consider that Super Dad turned out to be a pervert off screen. Maybe later, I'll watch The Cosby Show and continue on the TV dads falling from grace theme.

I hate the way colds make me feel... tired, punch drunk, and messy.  I hate the constant sneezing and mucous.  I don't usually have sinus problems, but a cold makes my cheekbones sore.  I feel fatigued, but doubt I can sleep.  Unless, of course, I start reading a book... then I'll doze off long enough for my nose to clog.

In other news, my former shrink just changed his profile picture to this.

I knew he was cool.

Maybe when my head clears, I'll be back to write something coherent.  For now, I think I'll sit here and drink coffee.  


  1. When I finish med school and my residency I may resume my 7th Heaven addiction. I occasionally tune it in even now when i'm particularly besotten with insomnia.

  2. I hope something much more snarkworthy will be on TV by then.


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