Friday, January 22, 2016

You're doing it wrong...

It always sets me on edge when I see someone title something "You're doing it wrong..."   While it's true that they may be right that I'm doing something "wrong", I still find it rather offputting to be told that ahead of time.  But I see from a quick Yahoo! search that people love that common phrase.  There's even a YouTube channel called "You're Doing It Wrong".  It has over 8000 subscribers.  Some people must think it's cool to be schooled by arrogant, condescending all knowers.

These guys tell the world how to keep cell phones from dying prematurely.  Talk about snarky and condescending...  ;-)  also features a number of "You're doing it wrong" memes.  Apparently, the phrase has been popular since about 2004, which was a long time ago.  And yet I still see people posting memes with this saying.


So what prompted this morning's post?  As I was waking up this morning after failing to go back to sleep when Bill kissed me goodbye, I saw some old guy's disgruntled picture over an article entitled "You're doing it wrong..."  The last thing I want to see when I'm prying open my eyes is some smarty pantsed old fart being negative.  Besides, I think when you presume to tell people they're "doing it wrong", you run the risk of being embarrassed.  What if, in fact, YOU'RE the one doing it wrong, hmm?  What if your handy tips and "hacks" (how I loathe that term) turn out to be bullshit?

When I hear someone say "You're doing it wrong..." to me, I just want to lash out either verbally or physically.  But, because I am in control of myself and realize that busting a move could lead to imprisonment, I simmer down and simply roll my eyes.  

Here's another phrase that makes me roll my eyes...  "Pistol whip".  It just doesn't seem right.  How can one "pistol whip" another person?  Wouldn't the pistol have to be flexible in order for it to be whippable?  If you pistol whip someone, you don't get that satisfying "crack" as it whistles through the air.  

What a shame...  I guess they did it wrong.

I'm usually happy when Friday rolls around.  This weekend, Bill has to go out of the country again.  He's headed to Burkina Faso, which makes me a bit nervous.  But he tells me not to worry, since local officials will be more vigilant than ever after last week's terrorist event.  I hate it when Bill travels anyway, at least when he goes without me.  I especially hate it when he goes to places where he could get killed.  But, I guess when it comes down to it, he could be killed anywhere.  And we can't let terrorists cow us into not living life.  I just hope no one in his group ends up being pistol whipped.  I also hope no one is accused of "doing it wrong."

Maybe I'll get back into playing Sims 2...


  1. I assume it's possibly oK if whoever pistol whips someone is accused of doing that wrong.


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