Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Yet another long lost friend...

Well... this week is turning out to be pretty amazing.  Thanks to my decision to link up with my old Armenian teacher, I am now linked up with one of my former students.  It turns out one of the kids I taught 10th form conversational English to now works for Peace Corps Armenia.  He has earned a Ph.D.  Actually, I'm not surprised, since he was very bright and already spoke pretty good English when I knew him.  He was one of my best students.

Anyway, he just sent me a message on Facebook and we just chatted for about an hour.  And it turns out he's still in touch with a lot of the kids who were in that class with him.  They are now, of course, all in their mid thirties.  It was really exciting to talk to him and he seemed impressed that I remembered so many of my students.  I'm sure most of them remember me, since I stood out like a sore thumb.

I may have to go to Armenia now, just to see how much it's changed and visit with some of these folks I haven't seen in ages.  I have a feeling that if we did manage to go back, we'd have a good time.

On another note, I'm glad to know that my time in Armenia wasn't for naught and some people there actually remember me.  There were times when I wondered if what I did there made any difference.  Now I know it did.  And I also know that I didn't imagine that one of my students, a guy named Arman, jumped out the window.  He really did... and he lived to tell about it without hurting himself.  I was pretty confused at the time, but now I understand why he did it.  It was all over a girl.  That figures.



  1. There are quite a few Armenians in parts of California but I know almost nothing about the old country. Is it a safe place to travel right now?

    1. As far as I know it is. It's close to some troubled areas, but the country itself is not dangerous.


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