Monday, January 11, 2016

Tomorrow is the big day...

I'm going to go to the dentist and have a sinus lift and, I think, the post for my implant is going to be installed.  I should be ashamed to admit this, but I think the dentist told Bill more about what he plans to do than he did me.  It's probably because I was so freaked out by the extraction that he figured Bill was the better one to hear the news.

Bill is going to stay home from work tomorrow so he can get me there and take me home.  I doubt I'll be wanting to eat anything but soft stuff for the next couple of weeks.  It will suck, but at least I can get rid of this big hole that's been annoying me since September.  I have two teeth on one side and the rest on the other.  Not having a tooth there makes chewing kind of difficult on the left side of my mouth.

I hope I don't get as upset as I did last time the dentist did a procedure on me.  This time, there should be Valium.  If there isn't, we may have to reschedule.  I'm not sure I can deal with the dentist cutting my gum while I'm unmedicated.  This may seem ridiculous to some people reading this, but I have very little experience with surgery of any kind.  So while my upcoming minor surgery may seem mundane to some folks, to me it's a big deal.  I think it will go well, though, and in the long run, I'll be glad I did it.  I do look forward to having a full set of teeth again.

Moving on...

Last night, for some reason, I started reading about Larry Wilcox, who famously portrayed Officer Jon Baker on the hit 70s and 80s era TV series, CHiPs.  I found his official Web site, which doesn't appear to be maintained every day.  I felt so old as I read about his career, remembering that he was a big star when I was a youngster.  Now he's kind of a has been.  I have to admit, I thought he was better looking than Erik Estrada.  I also liked his mild mannered, level-headed approach.  Bill is not unlike "Jon Baker", minus all the stunts.

I read about Wilcox's father, who was an alcoholic bartender.  Wilcox says his father "selfishly" conceived him and his siblings with his mother, then abandoned them.  I couldn't help but wonder if Wilcox was sorry to be living.  Had it not been for his "selfish" father, he wouldn't be here, thrice married, with five kids of his own.  Besides that, it's pretty obvious that Wilcox thinks alcoholism is a character flaw.  Perhaps, in part, it is.  Alcoholics are generally no fun to be around.  On the other hand, a lot of people start drinking alcohol not knowing how it will affect them.  It is a disease process of sorts.

It was interesting to read Larry's comments and answers to fan questions, too.  One eight year old wrote to him and he told her she was "famous" because she was herself.  Clearly, the girl's parents introduced her to Larry Wilcox's work.

The site also includes a few comments about Erik Estrada.  On the show, the two were "best friends", but off camera, they famously feuded.  Wilcox writes that he and Estrada didn't fight that much.

Here's a clip about CHiPs reunited.

Man, Larry Wilcox looks so German.  And yes, it's true, the former Bruce Jenner was also on the show, decades before he became Caitlyn.

I'm kind of glad I grew up when I did.  TV was good clean fun back in the day.

This is kind of cheesy.

I also heard about David Bowie's death.  Will have to write a post about him on my music blog.

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