Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Time to contribute to the idiocy...

I may just be cranky this morning because I had dental surgery yesterday and my mouth is a little sore.  I was just sitting here looking at Facebook, thinking about what a colossal waste of time it is.  In one of our local groups, there's someone trying to compile a list of "best ofs" for our area.  This person has come up with a bunch of business and restaurant categories and is asking the community for suggestions on where to go.  To be sure, the lists will be useful to some people who rely on reviews to decide where to dine and what dentist they see.  I have to admit, I am the same way, especially when it comes to healthcare.  I try to spare myself trauma whenever possible.

Moving on from there, I see multiple people posting stupid memes that have no real meaning and aren't all that funny.  People keep posting that video of the woman who was in a fire while wearing her M&M jacket.

I watched this and didn't think it was that funny...  except for the jacket.

I did, however, think this was funny.  Go figure.

Granted, though, I may just be in a crabby mood because my nose is stuffy and I'm not supposed to blow it.  What would I do if I had to access health or dental services more than I do now?

Bill is/was a very good caretaker.  After the surgery was over, he took me home and put me to bed.  Then he made me lunch and brought it to me.  I slept most of the afternoon, probably because I took an Advil PM while waiting for him to pick up my meds.  These are, by the way, the first prescription meds of any kind I have had since 2004.  So much for fatass housewives abusing the American healthcare system, right?  And the drugs I got were German drugs...  a mouthwash, antibiotics, and some powerful ibuprofen that are only 200mg less than the horse pills that are routinely handed out to people in the military.

The weather today is pretty rotten.  It was snowing this morning, but not cold enough for anything to stick.  We have lots of slush, flurries, and signs of the sun trying to peek out from behind the clouds.  I guess if I have to have a puffy cheek and sore gums, it's just as well that the weather sucks.

I'm sitting here listening to old songs by Paul Davis, who was an 80s era singer/songwriter who wrote and sang mushy adult contemporary songs.  Paul Davis is dead now.  He had a genuinely pleasant voice and his songs are basically about pleasant themes.  For some reason, they're kind of comforting right now.  They make me feel a little old, though.  These songs were popular when I was still a lass. 

Besides listening to gooey music from the 80s, I'm considering making lunch, getting my laundry, and going back to bed.  I pity people who routinely have surgery, although I feel relatively okay considering.  Just kind of blah...  The end results will be worth it, I know. 

I need to quit reading stupid shit on Facebook and get into a book.  My brain is too scattered to write anything coherent this morning.  


  1. My dad used to have a homemade cD in his car for long trips that had 2 Paul Davis songs ;; "65 Love Affair" and one about being the only sinner in Salt Lake City. At least I think they were both Paul Davis songs.

    O hope you feel better. It sounds miserable. I haven'r experienced much dentistry and would love to keep it that way, but I have four baby teeth, so I'll need implants.

    1. 65 Love Affair is a Paul Davis song. I'm not sure about the other one... Looking it up, I see they both are. I may have to download that song. It's cool.

      As for my condition, it's really not bad at all. The worst part was during the procedure. The Ativan really helped keep me from freaking. I'm not in much pain at all, though, and have little swelling. The stitches are annoying, though. I'll write more in a post.


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