Monday, January 18, 2016

Things I'd rather do than go to church...

I stumbled across this beaut of an anti-coffee film last night.  If you guessed it was made by the Mormons, you'd be right.  As I post this, I am drinking a nice hot cup of coffee myself.

This is just odd... crappy acting and stills instead of motion...  and what is with the sign language?  Is that not distracting?

Now, I am old enough to have seen my share of filmstrips in class.  I don't think I ever saw a film or "educational" filmstrip when I was a churchgoer.  This just reminds me of something they'd show in health class, only it's basically about the sin of drinking coffee.  Technically, the Mormon church bans "hot drinks" and includes coffee and black tea in that prohibition.  But you're welcome to drink all the hot cocoa and hot soup you want.

The above commentary doesn't have that much to do with today's blog post.  I just felt like writing about it because it's so weird.  The main idea of the above video is not so much that you shouldn't drink coffee.  Instead, it's more to remind people that things aren't always what they seem to be.  And some heathens out there aren't LDS and drink coffee.  Oh, and the church is true... 

I shared this last year... the responses were entertaining.

Most people who commented listed all the things they'd rather do.  My comment was that there are a few things I can think of that would make church more appealing.  For instance, I'd rather go to church than visit a gynecologist.  I'd rather go to church than eat mushrooms.  I'd sooner sit in a pew than spend a night in jail.  But yeah, I can think of many things I could do that I would choose over church.  We had an interesting discussion going.  And then I got a visit from Papa Smurf, who responded when I wrote that church was forced on me when I was a kid.  

Yes, Jenny, church has "bored" many. I can understand that. It is how I felt when as an adult I went to church with my wife to appease her. I learned much though once I allowed myself to be aware of and open to the greats and wonderful deeds we, as church, can be capable of. It is a place where many believers gather and do good for the world. Sure, we read much of what evil can and has happened via "religion" yet church is a place where people of faith gather for their own spiritual growth and to use the message of "Loving others as we love ourselves," and combined resources to help others. Are we perfect? Absolutely not!...and we know we are sinners. It is together though that we can provide a better community, church, with positive goals.

As examples it was through our church that we started a sort of meals on wheels when people here in our village were devastated by Sandy. They had no electric or kitchens throughout the winter.

We have another group, again started through our church, that goes down to missions in other countries to help others who live in conditions far worse than anything we have here in the states. Nine of us, along with supplies and funds from others leave next Tuesday. The best part is that there is no overhead, those we help draw no salary. They have dedicated their lives in poverty to help those who are severely deformed, the destitute, the dying and the throw-away people of society.

It is a shame that "church" gets a bad rap and there are some good reasons for it. That said, there is much good with unbelievable amount of good done through the faith-filled in church.

Church isn't always fun. It is in many ways a commitment. That said, church is a part of my life.

Next month my wife and I along with friends will be in an absolutely wonderful snorkeling spot in the Caribbean. Hey, it doesn't get better than this with great weather, sandy beaches, fun socials at night and swimming with turtles daily. Even with all that we will be sure to go to church on the two Sundays we are away. For us it reminds us of a greater being who gave us all and keeps us focused, as with the others who gather in the church from many different places, that we need to love one another and spread that message to the world. Whoa! Did i write all that? Glad that i did.

In other words, if you don't go to church, you're pretty much a heathen... ;-)

Church wasn't horrible for me, but it usually bored me.  What I got out of it was meeting good people and learning music.  Every once in awhile, a good minister would impart words of wisdom.  By and large, though, it wasn't an activity I enjoyed.  Now that I'm married to Bill, who had a bad experience with the LDS church, we don't attend at all.  Before he was Mormon, Bill was Methodist, Episcopalian, and Catholic.  If I had to guess which church he identified most with, I'd say the Catholic church.  And that makes sense, because I have always attracted Catholics.

As for Papa Smurf's comment, I'd say that much of what he gets from church, one could get elsewhere in a non-religious setting... except maybe the part about the greater being...  although if I'm honest, I'm not sure one needs a church to believe in a higher power.  Church provides a good social outlet and perhaps business connections.  Church provides a place to serve others and an outlet for using talents.  But you don't have to go to church to find those opportunities.

I see that I didn't bother responding to Papa Smurf's comment.  I think I was annoyed by it, mainly because it was one of many he's left on my page that seemed an attempt to school me.  Since I've achieved middle age, I don't necessarily appreciate schooling from other adults, unless I've asked for it.  Also, he has a tendency to take jokes too seriously, especially if he thinks they're tasteless.  Then, if  I respond to him with annoyance when he gets sanctimonious, he accuses me of taking things too personally.  


We have had a pretty boring MLK weekend.  We usually try to get away for MLK day, but I wasn't sure how I'd feel after my sinus lift.  As it turned out, the weather was pretty severe.  We had snow all weekend.  Yesterday, the weather was downright bipolar.  It snowed, then the sun would come out.  Then it would snow again.  This cycle repeated all day.  Since it was Sunday, no one plowed our street.  We decided to stay in and Bill tried a recipe from the Irish cookbook I got him for Christmas.

Tomorrow, I get the stitches out.  Can't be too soon for me.  I am ready to put the surgery in the past.


  1. I'm just into adulthood, and I don't like unsolicited attempted to school me, either.

    Sometimes boring weekends are nice. I wouldn't mind getting snowed in somewhere. I think I may do my internship (just one year) in the northeast. I'm pretty sure I won't like the winter enough to settle there permanently, but I want to give it a brief try.

    I'm glad you're starting to recover.

    1. As surgeries go, it wasn't too bad. I am ready to be rid of the stitches, though.

  2. That video was unreal. It was bad as if they caught her in what they thought was the act of stealing someone's Vicodin.

    I really liked Neil's short white shirts.

    1. And that closed captioning was unreal. i think it would have been even funnier if the sign language interpreter had taken up 4/5 of the screen, and they left the remaining tiny slier for the real still-action shots.

    2. Yeah. It's unbelievable, isn't it? That was bad even for 1980, when it wasn't uncommon to see that kind of stuff.


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