Thursday, January 7, 2016

Shall I spread some sunshine?

I have been doing some thinking since yesterday's revelation that I'm snarky, sarcastic, and condescending.  Maybe the naysayers are right.  Maybe I should try to be more positive and friendly. Maybe I should stop being so irreverent and sour all the time.  My caustic attitude is a turn off to many people and the world is full of negative Nancys like me.  Maybe it's time I turned over a new leaf and strived to be positive and full of light and inspiration!

A few years ago, I famously declared that this is not the "sunshine" blog.  I wrote that piece in response to people who left me nasty comments about posts I wrote on the subject of my husband's divorce.  I was pissed off when I wrote it, which shouldn't be a big surprise.  I am frequently pissed off and annoyed about things.  When I feel that way, I often sit down to write.  That may make me appear to be a very bitter and angry person.

Perhaps I should listen to this guy and take his advice on how to be less bitchy...  He seems pretty happy out there, scratching his balls after peeing on a building.

It's a new year and a new day.  I don't always have to be negative.  So today, I will try to spread sunshine.  I will start with this...

This was this morning's sunrise...  

See?  I'm not always negative and snarky.  Sometimes I can appreciate the little things that make life a more beautiful experience.  Living where we live right now gives me the opportunity to see and take pictures of lovely sunrises and sunsets.  Someday, when we're no longer living here, I can look back at these old photos and be wistful.  Knowing me and my negative attitude, it will turn into fodder for why my life sucks.  But I can be hopeful today that I'll see it as a reminder that I had a lovely opportunity to live somewhere where I could be a part of something so gorgeous.

So that's my sunshine post of the day.  Maybe later, I'll be back to my usual self.  It'll probably happen after I've done my vacuuming.

ETA:  It's now snowing.

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