Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sarah Palin backs Trump while her son goes on a bender...

I'm sure the Donald is just beaming right now because Sarah Palin is in his corner.  It seems like any time there is a presidential election, a parade of clowns comes out.  Why anyone cares what Sarah Palin says is a mystery to me.  Seems to me she ought to be at home, taking care of her own mess of a family and leaving the politicking to the minimally coherent.

Of course, I am referring to Palin's son, Track, who was arrested Monday night on domestic violence charges.  He also threatened to kill himself with an AR-15 rifle.  While Sarah's daughter, Bristol, who famously championed sexual abstinence, deals with a custody battle for her newborn daughter, Sailor, who was born out of wedlock, Sarah Palin is pumping up Trump's campaign.  Sarah Palin also blames Obama for her son's problems, claiming that the young man has PTSD.  She says he came back from war "different", yet she also crows about Trump sending troops to "kick ISIS' ass".  Yeah... as long as it's not your kid who is among the troops deployed, right Sarah?    

This spectacle makes me glad I'm not living in the United States right now.  It's bad enough when presidential candidates are somewhat respectable.  The gang of idiots we have running right now are just plain embarrassing.  I sincerely fret for the future.  I could probably write more about this, but I think I've made my point. 

Moving on...

I just read today's Dear Abby column.  The second letter is one that hits close to home for me.  The writer explains that her daughter's school had a grandparents' day and the writer's parents attended.  Unfortunately, the writer's mother made a faux pas when she asked the teacher when her baby was due.  The teacher was not pregnant.  Now the letter writer is embarrassed and senses that the teacher is upset with her.

Abby wisely advised the woman that it was not she who made the mistake and she should just let it pass without comment.  If the subject does come up, the letter writer should apologize on her mother's behalf for the mistake.

Something similar happened to me in October 2014 when Bill and I were in Colmar, France.  The wait staff at a restaurant where we were dining mistook me for pregnant.  It was very embarrassing, especially since there was a language barrier and it took a minute for me to understand them.  Personally, I think people should probably not say anything to a woman they think might be pregnant unless they have to for safety reasons.  And even then, it's a situation that requires delicacy and finesse.

I think in the situation Abby addresses, the mother would be smart not to bring up her mother's faux pas unless the teacher does.  Saying something after the fact would only prolong the embarrassment.  Besides, it wasn't the mom's mistake.  She wasn't even there when it happened and could not have prevented it.

Again, I reiterate... it's not polite to ask someone about the status of their womb unless it's obvious.  And even then, it's smarter and safer just to let them bring up the subject of pregnancy.  

And one more moving on...

Yesterday's chat with my former student makes me want to visit Armenia.  Unfortunately, it's not so easy to get there without stopping in either Moscow or Kiev.  I could go to Vienna and take a flight that arrives at 4:30am.  It would not be unlike the first time I went to Armenia, coming from Paris.  

We may just do it, though.  I know Bill is curious and it would be fun to see where I used to live 20 years ago.  


  1. I was taken aback when I read of sarah Palin blaming the Prez for her son's issues.

    my aunt had a teaching assitant who repeatedly committed the faux pas described in dear Abby. The woman wouldn't learn from her previous mistakes, and she wouldn't listen to my aunt. Every time it happened again, she'd day, "It's not my fault. she looked liked she was about eight months. after about the sixth time, my aunt complained to administration becaue my aunt was concerned that the parents were going to hate her as well extenions. The district director of personnel told the woman that even if a woman who appeared to be a minimum of 9 1/2 months pregnant and in labor in the classroom, she was not to mention pregnancy until or unless the woman admitted first in an unsolicited declaration that she was pregnant.

  2. Yeah. And frankly, whether or not a woman's pregnant is no one else's business.


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