Monday, January 25, 2016

Mood music...

Don't ask me why, but I decided to watch 7th Heaven again.  As smarmy and annoying as it was before it came out that Stephen Collins is a pervert, it's even more smarmy and annoying now.  Every time I see RevCam being all sanctimonious and holier-than-thou, I realize once again that actors are actors for a reason.  Stephen Collins is definitely not like his RevCam alter ego in real life.  Having read his two novels, I can say that he's a lot dirtier than one would expect a minister to be.

Here's what kills me, though.  I watched the episode where Mary and Robbie Palmer go out on Valentine's Day and Robbie takes Mary to a cheap motel so they can have sex.  Mary decks him and is very upset when she gets home.  She talks about the shitty way Robbie treated her and there's Stephen Collins, acting as RevCam, saying "Guys will do that."  I have to say, he looked especially knowing as he said it.

One aspect of 7th Heaven that always gets me is the music.  It was composed by Dan Foliart.  His creations are pretty easily recognizable for me.  They tend to be very fluffy and magical.  On 7th Heaven, it's usually played on acoustic guitars, piano, and saxophones.  For some reason, while I was sitting here watching the show, I pictured the musicians sitting around recording it.  I wondered if they played it with soul or sass.  Especially the really dramatic music... you know, the music they play when someone dies or drinks and drives... or ends up in jail.

By the end of the show, when everything is all resolved, the saxophones and guitars are all jaunty and peppy again.  Again, I picture the musicians sitting around playing...  and smiling as they make the mood merry and bright again.

I'm watching an episode right now about a girl who tells RevCam that she was raped.  Again, I inwardly cringe as he sensitively explains that the molestation was not her fault.  Given the actor's history in real life, I wonder if he had to mentally block his own dilly dalliances as he performed that scene.

Anyway... the dogs and I got through the first night.  Bill called me last night and the call came through my iPad, which was very cool.  Internet is terrible where he is, so I will probably not hear much from him.  I was pretty busy today.  I washed clothes, washed sheets, and washed the dogs after we took a walk in the muddy fields.  All of last week's snow is melting now, so it's really messy out there.  I ended up needing a shower myself.  I wasn't expecting anyone else, so I got into my nightgown...  then my landlady showed up.

I ordered a new electric blanket and am enjoying it, though I don't need it as much this week as I did last week.  The dogs have discovered that it's warm and nice.  I have a feeling it'll be covered with hair in no time.

He likes it.

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