Friday, January 29, 2016

It's gonna be...

one of 'dem days...

Despite taking a couple of Advil PMs last night, I had real trouble getting to sleep.  I had problems getting comfortable.  I was too hot, then too cold... then one of the dogs was crowding me.  I woke up at about 2:30am and couldn't get back to sleep until about 4:00 or so.  Then Zane woke me up with a start because he needed to go outside and was hungry.  I guess I can be glad he's gentle when he wakes me up.  He just whines softly.

Once I got up, I noticed my mouth was dry and my left nostril was blocked with snot.  That's the side I had my surgery on, so I can't blow it without risk.  I shot myself up with some Afrin nose spray, let the dogs out, fed them, and made a pot of coffee.

The very first thing I saw on Facebook was a post by some guy pissed off because people were celebrating Roe vs. Wade.  The second post I saw was a comment on a post I made last night about drug costs.  One of my right wing cousins decided to take me to task because I think prescription drugs should be more affordable.  She basically left a comment that was bound to inflame a bunch of people besides me.  I may have to rant about it later.

So then I vacuumed the house while the coffee was brewing.  Went down to get the coffee and promptly broke one of my mugs.  I tried gluing it back together but only managed to get super glue all over my fingers.  I threw out the mug, which means I'll probably need to get a new one.  I have shitloads of mugs in storage back in the States.  We should have packed a couple more of them.

Then I stepped on a tiny shard of pottery that I can't seem to dig out.  It's embedded in the hard, callused part of my foot and it hurts to walk on it.  I need to get it out, lest it get infected.  But it's going to take some doing.  I did manage to walk the dogs, at least.  I didn't fall down today, either.

I started my period just in time for the weekend.  Now I feel kind of bloated and icky.

The one lovely thing is that Bill is coming home tomorrow morning, God willing.  I have missed him very much this week.  It's been lonely without him.  But he'll be exhausted, so that means this weekend will probably not be much fun.  At least he'll be home, though, so that's one nice thing.  As soon as I get this piece of glass unstuck, I'll be back to write a book review.

Stay tuned.                                         

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