Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dr. Phil is getting sued...

Yesterday, I read an article about Dr. Phil McGraw being sued by a former employee.  Leah Rothman brought a suit against the famous entertainer, alleging that last March, he called her into work on her day off and falsely imprisoned about 300 employees after someone leaked information about an upcoming show.

Rothman, who had worked for Dr. Phil since 2003, claims that the unlicensed psychologist demanded that everyone hand over their cell phones as they gathered in a room guarded by a security detail.  According to Rothman, Dr. Phil said "If you fuck with me, I will fuck with you." as he read what he had to say to his employees from cue cards.

Rothman is suing for false imprisonment, emotional distress, whistle blower retaliation and wrongful constructive termination.  She quit working for Dr. Phil a few weeks after the incident because the stress afterwards was too much for her.

I have to say, having watched Dr. Phil on TV, I can totally believe this happened.  He's like a poster child for narcissism.  I commented as much on Facebook and my former shrink agreed with me.  If there is a shred of truth to Rothman's account, Dr. Phil must be hell to live with and work with.

I used to watch his show all the time when I was in the United States.  It wasn't so much because I liked him, but because some of his guests were fascinating in a trainwreck sort of way.  It sounds like the show has gone even more downhill, though.

My former shrink is hilarious.  He called Dr. Phil a "self-important d-bag."  Too funny!

I have a feeling this week is going to suck.  I look forward to next weekend.


  1. I would pay money to be on that jury, though it will likely never go to trial. I'd award Ms. Rothman everything she asked for and more. Your former shrink is right.

  2. No way will it actually go to trial, which is a damned shame.

    1. Yes. And whatever they pay this lady will come with the stipulation that she has to STFU.


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