Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bristol Palin... keeping it classy over child custody!

Today, I'm back to my bitchy, snarky, sarcastic, condescending self...  I need to vent about Bristol Palin and her mother.  Apparently, these two women think they have the right to deny parental rights to the father of Bristol's new baby.

The other day, I read about Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer, putative father of her latest spawn, duking it out over custody and child support.  I will admit that I know very little about Dakota Meyer, other than the fact that he earned a Medal of Honor and is a Marine.  The fact that he earned the Medal of Honor makes him a hero.  The fact that he made a baby with Bristol Palin makes him seem less than wise.

Anyway, the baby, whose name is Sailor Grace Palin, was supposedly born on December 23, 2015, but there is some speculation that she was actually born on November 4,  2015.  Sailor joins Bristol's other child, Tripp, as a poster child for how the abstinence movement doesn't work.  For all of her hypocritical preaching about not having sex before marriage, Bristol still managed to have two babies out of wedlock.  Now, personally, I don't think having kids outside of a legal marriage is necessarily the worst thing in the world.  Lots of kids are raised in single parent homes.  But if you're going to preach about abstinence, at least practice what you preach, right?  Add in the fact that the baby is named Sailor and her dad is a Marine, well... it all just seems a little bit sordid.

Meyer is apparently delighted to be a dad and has filed papers to have joint legal and physical custody of Sailor.  According to the link, legal documents indicate that the case is pending determination that Meyer is the biological father.  That tells me that Bristol, who is all about telling young people to "keep it in their pants", was probably screwing more than just one guy at around the time she got pregnant.  So much for abstinence, right?

Sarah Palin claims that for months, she and Bristol have reached out to Dakota Meyer and they claim that he wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy or the baby.  My guess is that that is bullshit.  They made similar claims about Levi Johnston, Bristol's other baby daddy.  It appears to me that they just don't want the fathers of Bristol's babies to have any contact with the kids.  That way, they can continue to spread their shit about "Mama grizzlies" while acting like men are only useful as sperm donors and wallets.  If it is true that both Levi and Dakota are poor father material, perhaps Bristol should quit dating until her kids are adults.  She clearly has terrible taste in men.


I'm not sure why Bristol Palin and the rest of the Palin family continue to get air time.  When I first heard of Sarah Palin in 2008, I was kind of impressed by her.  Then, the more she opened her mouth and the more I saw of her, the more I realized that she's just a narcissistic bimbo trying to make a name for herself.  I see the same tendencies in Bristol.

Aside from asking for joint custody, Meyer has apparently requested child support.  Through her spokesperson, David Martin, Bristol allegedly said, "My values are such that a real American hero doesn’t ask for child support.”  Really?  Does that mean that all the moms out there getting child support can't be American heroes?  That makes no sense whatsoever.  If Meyer gets custody of the baby, Bristol will be obligated to pay child support, just like all non-custodial parents must.  I seriously doubt Meyer will get custody to the extent at which child support would be an issue, but if he did, he'd be well with his rights to ask for financial compensation from Bristol Palin.  Child support is for the child; so whichever parent has primary custody is entitled to monetary support.  

I hope this story serves as a lesson to people all over the country to be careful about sharing DNA with others.  If the baby ends up not being Dakota Meyer's, I'm sure he'll be crushed.  However, that will also mean that he can start anew and hopefully find someone to whom he can be married and share in parenting.  He obviously wants to be a dad.  Trying to raise a child with Bristol, I fear, is going to be very difficult for him.  Even if he does prevail in court, it's likely that Bristol and her mom will do their best to push Dakota out of Sailor's life.  That's a tragedy.


  1. Bristol Palin had another baby? Where the hell have I been? Didn't she continue to preach abstinence even after she spawned Tripp? Some people just don't know when to shut the hell up.

    While I think it's worse for a child to be born to a 17- or 18-year-old mother than to a 25-year-old one, I think it's all the stupider for a 25-year-old to be accidentally knocked up than it is for the same thing to happen to someone much younger. And for it to happen twice to one person? A woman has to be a few IQ points shy of the average range for THAT to happen in my opinion.

    How cool is it that THE William Shunn actually showed up at my blog? Thanks again for reminding me of that book.

    1. You're welcome!

      I wish Bristol would just get real. It's too much to ask, though.


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