Friday, December 25, 2015

Yet another unexpected invasion...

Earlier today, I wrote about Christmases past and made mention of how, back in 2012, Bill's ex wife ended up invading our holidays.  Well, I am sad to say that she sort of did again this afternoon, though today's invasion is more of an annoyance than a drama.

I was looking at our bank account, making sure I had properly scheduled credit card payments.  I have to log into Bill's account to do this, since that's where our bill paying is done.  I noticed he had an alert.  I clicked on it and I see that it's to make sure his contact information is correct.

I looked over the information and noticed a strange woman's name listed under family members.  I had a feeling it was Ex's sister, whose first name happens to be the same as mine.  I called up Bill and he looked at it and said the last name was misspelled, but it was Ex's sister, alright.

Bill hasn't seen this ex sister-in-law in many years.  For awhile, when he was still married to his ex wife, she and her little daughter lived with them.  Like Ex, she was unemployed and not contributing anything to the household, so Bill alone was supporting seven people on his meager $22K salary from the toy factory where he was working at the time.  That was the only work he could find in the shitty Arkansas town where Ex insisted on living.

A few years ago, Bill had his ex kids removed from our account because it appeared that Ex may have had them legally adopted by her current victim.  We never hear from them and they don't use his name anymore, so they aren't family.  Since they've declared themselves no longer family, we had their names taken off the USAA accounts.  Now this long lost ex sister-in-law shows up out of the blue...  It could be a simple error or there could be something to it.  But now Bill has to call up USAA and have her taken off our records.  That is a pain in the ass to have to do from Germany.  What I don't understand is how and why she got linked to him in the first place.  She was never a close enough relative to be linked to Bill's bank account.

This is less upsetting than the last time she popped up unexpectedly, but it's aggravating nonetheless.


  1. I hope no one in the retired Lt. Col.'s ex-family is up to anything truly sinister.''i/t sounds as though your Christmas is nice and peaceful. Mine was as well. here's to uncomplicated Christmases.

    1. I doubt it. I think of it as another signal from the universe that she's out there.


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