Monday, December 7, 2015

Pesky emails from vendors...

As most people know, the holiday season is now upon us.  I buy a lot of Christmas gifts online because it's easier and because it means I can shop in my underwear if I want to.  A few of the gifts I bought for Bill this year came from third party sellers on  Invariably, they send emails wanting me to rate their product or service.  This morning, I got two or three of them.  I've already gotten two from a seller I bought a new wine opener from a few weeks ago, even though I've already rated them.

This morning, I got an email from a third party seller who wanted to know if I had received my item yet.  As it was mailed to my APO address, it takes longer to get to me.  I got another from a seller wanting me to write a review.  Still, I guess I prefer that to sellers who never follow up.

Tomorrow, the dogs will have their test day at the kennel I hope we can use.  Then Wednesday, I will take them to the vet and get them all vaccinated...  I hate that part.  The older they get, the more the shots make me worry.  Since Arran had a mast cell tumor, it makes me even more nervous.

Anyway... if all goes well, it'll be time for another trip this weekend.  I look forward to it.  I've been wanting to get out of here for weeks now.

I see more gossip has been posted about the Duggars.  I may have to post again later, when I'm not so distracted by a shitty movie from 1978...  Actually, I love these kinds of cheesy movies.

The Initiation of Sarah... like a cross between Carrie and Revenge of the Nerds.  A guy I used to know said I reminded him of Shelley Winters...  I guess it's because I'm a big, loud, drunk with a bent toward tacky behavior...

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