Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Miss Universe sparks racist remarks...

Yesterday, I ran across a Yahoo! article about Steve Harvey's now infamous Miss Universe mistake.  He accidentally announced Miss Colombia as the winner when the real victor was Miss Philippines.  While many people seemed to take the incident as just a human error, some people were outraged enough to bomb the Internet with racist epithets.

It seems that most of the racist barbs were hurled by people rooting for Miss Colombia.  I have heard that many South Americans take their beauty pageants very seriously, hence the number of winners from that region.  I'm sure it was an unpleasant shock to many people when it turned out the wrong person was named winner.  Still, is that any reason to refer to Mr. Harvey by the so-called "n word"?

I guess that article just goes to show that racism truly is a scourge of the whole world.  It's not just people from the United States who have issues with skin tones.  Hell, I've seen racism in Europe, too, though it seems that people here try to behave as if they are more evolved somehow.  The truth is, everyone is a little racist.  There's even a song about it.

I have got to see this show...

Having admitted that racism is a worldwide problem, it does make me cringe to read such hate filled comments about Steve Harvey.  He made a mistake, but his mistake has not been an entirely bad thing.  For one thing, as I predicted yesterday, Donald Trump is taking advantage of the publicity the gaffe has generated.  Until recently, he owned the Miss Universe pageant, so naturally his name has been connected with this fiasco.  It's given him something to talk about.

Also, a lot of people lost interest in beauty pageants ages ago.  Steve Harvey made Miss Universe news.  People are talking about the pageant and watching clips.  Some may even view a delayed broadcast and opt to watch it next year, if they still remember this incident twelve months from now (which they probably won't).

Steve Harvey made an error that anyone could have made.  It had nothing at all to do with his race.  Anyone mentioning his skin color as they berate him for screwing up the Miss Universe crowning is ignorant.  Fortunately, most people are not as ignorant as these trolls are.  I'd like to think that we're more evolved now than we've been in the past, but every once in awhile, something like this reminds me that we all have a long way to go.  Frankly, my guess is that Steve Harvey got confused by all the gorgeous women walking around... but that would probably be an unfair assumption on my part.  He probably just had a brainfart.

We have nice weather this morning, though it's a little cold and blustery.  I may even venture out with the dogs and give them a chance to stretch their legs and mine.  That is, of course, if I manage to get dressed, which I haven't yet.  Winter weather is laziness inducing.

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