Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas from Germany...

It's shaping up alright so far.  I woke up with Arran's foul breath in my nostrils and his toenails in my back.  I got up, did my morning routine, and came back to bed.  Bill was awake and rubbing Arran's belly, as he'd rolled on his back to beg for it.

We got up after discussing Arran's rancid breath.  I wanted to open presents, but Bill is intent on making breakfast first.  Damn priorities.  Actually, I am a little hungry this morning, so a nice breakfast is a good thing.

I got one of my presents last night... a brand new office chair.  The one I had we bought in the spring of 2013 and I beat the hell out of it by sitting on it all the time.  The hydraulic eventually started slipping.  It's not in terrible shape, but it was just a matter of time before the thing became unbearable to sit in.  So Bill and I bought the new chair a few weeks ago and I am now enjoying it.  It's made for people who weigh up to 350 pounds, so hopefully it won't wear out too soon, even if it was made in China.

I have purchased a number of practical gifts for Bill.  I have a feeling he has purchased fewer presents for me, but they are probably higher dollar items.  He usually gifts me with music and often does a pretty good job picking stuff out, even though I tend to like what I like.  He gave me a Robert Plant album last year that I liked, but rarely play.

I should probably go read RfM today.  Usually at this time of year, the board is rife with dramatic stories about Mormons during the holidays.  I find myself less interested in Mormonism now than I have been in years past, though.  Just like the Duggar family, the LDS church has experienced a somewhat tumultuous year, revealing them to be less awesome than some people think.  Maybe I'm also more interested in more pressing things... like all the acts of violence that seem to be increasing as years pass.  In the grand scheme of things, what Mormons do seems to matter less.

By the same token, things my husband's ex and kids do are also less important.  I read On this Day again today and was reminded of an unfortunate incident from 2012 involving ex and her stupid spawn.  Basically, it was about Bill's younger ex daughter calling Bill's dad during the holidays.  Bill later called his dad to wish him a Merry Christmas and got the news about his long lost kid calling, along with the news that she still hates Bill.  It got Bill all upset and ultimately affected me, his mom, my sisters, niece, brother in law, and everybody else who saw us that day after the phone call.  The end result was Bill having a heart to heart with his dad about needing to keep this kind of stuff to himself... especially on major holidays like Christmas.

It's been a reasonably decent year.  I hope next year is decent, too.  It's amazing how quickly they pass the older you get.

Have a lovely holiday, if you can...  This one is shaping up to be better than some in the past have been!

Our Christmas tree as it was in Texas in 2013...  I'll try to get a more updated one later.

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