Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"I'm sorry you're feeling annoyed." No, you're not, butt nugget!

Ah... once again, Facebook's "On this day" feature has given me something to write about.  I was looking back through my old posts and found one from 2010.  I wrote this.

"... very annoyed by people who presume to know how other people think and feel."

I don't remember why I wrote this or who it was directed to.  In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have posted it.  But I did get a comment from the woman I used to refer to as the "Voice of Reason/Ms. Overly Helpful."  Her response was this.

"I'm sorry you're feeling annoyed."

It's my guess that she wrote that thinking my status update was directed at her.  She'd be right to suspect that; especially since back in 2010, I still endured her stupid bullshit on a daily basis.  She's just one of those people who rubs me the wrong way.  One of her needs is to feel superior to others and put them down with thinly veiled condescending remarks that are supposed to look caring and concerned.  She doesn't seem to do it to everyone... just certain "lucky" people for whom she has no respect.  Apparently, I was one of those lucky people.

As I recall, that comment wasn't about her, but someone else not even on my Facebook friends list.  Edited to add, now I remember because I blogged about it... I was right.  She hadn't been involved in that particular incident.  But she obviously identified with it and decided to chime in with her non-helpful, insincere, moronic comment.  I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of a snotty response, so I responded with this...

"It's nothing a little Christmas cheer won't fix. I'm sure I'll get over it."

Now, I wish I had simply told her to fuck off and die.

And maybe thrown in a little Bender for good measure...

This memory was an unpleasant surprise to me this morning, since I blocked Ms. Overly Helpful a year ago for finally delivering the snarky dig that broke the camel's back.  If you read my rant about the incident last year, you may recall that I predicted that the Voice of Reason would send me a "concerned" email about being blocked.  Sure enough, I was right.

She was surprised and "dismayed" that I blocked her and wanted to know what she had done to deserve such cruelty.  I was surprised and dismayed that I hadn't done it years sooner.  I must say, not having to read her shit anymore has made my life a lot nicer.  It's my guess that she was only dismayed over the fact that she could no longer get her jollies by passive aggressively lobbing digs at me and watching my reactions.

I really tried to be patient with her.  I mainly tolerated her because we were once part of an online community and had to "work" together.  So I tried to stay civil and understanding for as long as possible.  One day, I just snapped.

My reaction was not unlike this lady's...

Since our online community fell apart a few years ago, I felt just fine ousting her from my Facebook fiefdom.  This past year not having to deal with her has been blissful... so it makes me pretty sad that Facebook still shows comments from people I've chosen to block.  I still see occasional old comments from my ex best friend, too... a person I'd really like to forget about.

I guess what this means is that I shouldn't read Facebook's "On this day" anymore.  Or I should just stick to Time Hop or something...  or just get off Facebook altogether.  There are far too many annoying people out there wanting to rent space in my head.  On another note, how sad is it that I'm 43 years old and writing about a fucking Facebook incident from five years ago... (I do have a gift for alliteration, don't I?)  I could be using my time more wisely by working as a corporate flunkie somewhere.  Or waiting tables...

Now that I've gotten this out of my system, I will confess that I did end up watching Counting On with Jill and Jessa yesterday.  It was such a quiet afternoon and I needed something to do other than blog, sing karaoke, and practice German.  Let me just say that the two episodes I watched did little to liven up my day.  They were pretty boring.  I actually found myself missing Boob and Michelle because at least they say things that make me want to blog.  Jessa is too full of herself, mugging for the camera and tossing her long, luxurious hair, talking about her big pregnant belly.  Jill is too fucking sweet and caring.  And both of their husbands are mini Boobs, though they are different kinds of Boob than Boob is.  

Sibling after sibling talked about Josh Duggar and threw him under the bus, telling everyone how ashamed they were of him.  The sisters all talked about how hurt they were that Josh's fondling and cheating antics were revealed to the masses and had re-victimized them.  I can see why they were feeling hurt about that. The revelations really fucked things up for their wholesome family franchise.  What they don't seem to understand is that their brother is a massive hypocrite who had the nerve to preach about family, God, and "living right".  If you do that when you are yourself being egregiously sinful, you will eventually be exposed.  The risk was always there and they knew full well about it.  I would say their community showed them a lot of respect by not revealing them much sooner than they did.  They got years of fame and fortune with this skeleton in their collective closet.  They should be grateful and just go away gracefully.

But, like Ms. Overly Helpful, going away gracefully is not something that comes naturally to the Duggar family.  I will say one thing about Jill and Jessa and their new show.  I noticed that a woman holding Meredith was wearing pants.  I was hoping it was Anna, but it apparently wasn't...  too bad.  I know she wants to stay married and endure through this trial with Josh.  Maybe he can be reformed.  The odds are against it, though.  For more on why, check out Dr. Tara Palmatier's most recent post about relationships with narcissists.  I'm pretty sure that's the type of person Anna is dealing with... and there will likely be more affairs and more embarrassing scandals in the future.  Anna will either have to put up with them or go her own way.

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