Thursday, December 24, 2015

Forced to spend the holidays with Madonna...

Not me.  Madonna would never spend Christmas with the likes of me.

Madonna's 15 year old son, Rocco Ritchie, who has been spending time with his father in London, refused to board a flight going back to New York City.  So Madonna went to court and got a judge to order him to go back to her home for the holidays.  

Naturally, I don't know what goes on in Madonna's home or what Rocco's relationship with her is.  The comments on the Yahoo! article are pretty interesting, though.  Lots of people are opining.  Lots of men are also chiming in, saying that maybe Rocco just wants to spend time with his dad.  Who knows...

What I'm thinking about is how Christmas will go with a teenager who has been court ordered to go home for the big day.  I imagine things must have been very serious if Madonna had to go to court to force him to comply with her wishes.  Madonna has three other children whose holiday will no doubt be affected by this drama.

Judge Deborah Kaplan of the Manhattan Supreme Court ruled that Rocco must go home and "talk" to his mother before making a permanent decision as to where he wants to live.  In the meantime, I predict that all the roasted chestnuts in the world aren't going to warm up that house for Santa...

I spent last night watching the Three's Company box set and drinking wine.  I loved that show as a kid and it never gets old, even though I've seen every episode dozens of times.  Bill is off today, so I guess we'll get ready for tomorrow.  Everything is going to shut down for the next few days...

I'll probably watch a lot of TV and drink a lot of wine.  But I won't be listening to Madonna or watching any of her movies or videos.  I won't be forced to spend the holidays with her.  


  1. Wow. Madonna's son doesn't want to spend Christmas with her. I believe that a fifteen-year-old is probably old enough to decide which parent he wants to live with or spend time with if the parent with whom he wants to live is also OK with the arrangement, but I'm not sure Madonna should be forced to fund him if he wants no part of her. I'm not sure I'd want to live with her, either, although I've read that she's a better-than-average parent as celebrity parenting goes. Who knows if half of what is printed about celebrities is true, anyway? my mom, who has worked in the mental health field (she was a psych rather than a social worker, as are you, but the same idea nonetheless) thinks that if both parents are competent and, presuming all other factors are equal, that most kids would be better off with their same-gender parent after the age of ten or so. I don't know how true that is, and, for that matter, all other factors are often NOT equal. Too often one parent is clearly superior (or one parent clearly inferior) to the other.

    1. I don't know that Rocco wants no part of her. He may just prefer London and/or being with his dad. I do think it's telling that she went to court, though.


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