Saturday, December 26, 2015


As you know, yesterday was Christmas.  Last night, I was hanging out on Facebook when I noticed an "open letter" posted on a friend's page.  The note indicated that the friend had overdosed on pills in a bid to commit suicide.  She had written that this was not a "suicide note", but rather an explanation of sorts.  It turned out the attempt was unsuccessful and the person had ended up in the psych ward of a hospital.

Over the past few months, this person has been dealing with a bunch of dramas.  Back in the summer, her husband died suddenly.  Since then, she's been dealing with the aftereffects of the death, as well as doing a lot of traveling and moving to a new place.  She claimed that she was going to let a Syrian refugee move in with her, but that didn't pan out.  Now she's saying that some Serbian guy who is taking care of her in the psych ward may move in with her.

I have actually met this woman in person before on a few occasions.  She's very charming.  She's also manipulative.  Like me, she currently lives in Europe.  

As I was sitting here on Christmas night, reading about her hospital adventures, it struck me that the psych ward announcement, if it was true, probably could have waited until today.  I mean, this shit was posted on Christmas Eve and the drama continued through Christmas Day... right into prime time present opening and meal eating hours.  But waiting until today would mean less drama for my friend, who seems to be basking in the afterglow of all the Facebook attention right now.

I don't wish for anything bad to happen to this person.  I just think that she's full of shit.  Moreover, I think it's bullshit to post a bunch of dramatics on Facebook in time for Christmas.  I shouldn't be surprised, I guess.  Last year, when her husband was still living, she posted about wanting to go to Belgium or Switzerland and be humanely euthanized.  That talk stopped after her husband suddenly died.  I have known this woman for about as long as I've been married to Bill and I have seen her go through multiple dramas.  She craves attention.

I really ought to unfriend her, but I have to admit, her dramatics are fascinating even if they do make me roll my eyes pretty hard.


  1. The woman o whom you wrote is probably strange enough to be one of my dad's sisters. Such people are good for entertainment. as long as she doesn't know how to find you and, hence, cannot show up on your doorstep, I'd keep te friendship at status quo if she were my friend. One never knows when one may need entertainment. This is callous of me, but life sometimes causes us to be callous.


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