Friday, December 4, 2015

"Doing" drugs...

This morning, I read an interesting blog post about what to do about all the mass shootings.  It was a good article, though I'm not totally in agreement with the author's assertion that we shouldn't make mental health care more accessible and affordable.  While it may be true that most of the people opening fire on innocent people aren't mentally ill in the sense that one might need a net or straitjacket for them, depression and anxiety are mental illnesses and they should be treated.  A lot of people don't get the help they need due to cost, stigma, or the learned helplessness that comes from depression.

Depression can lead to despair, which can turn into suicidal and homicidal ideation.  And yes, I do believe that people who are suffering from the "common cold of mental illnesses" should have an easier time of seeking treatment.  Moreover, in many cases, depression and anxiety are biological and respond to drug treatment.  That makes me think that it's a bonafide sickness as opposed to a mental state one can always control.  The blogger I linked to above also advocates talking to people who "seem isolated", which may be a good idea... as long as the isolated person isn't already packing heat and/or actually wants to be befriended by someone.

Anyway, one thing I noticed as I was reading this guy's post is that he refers to "doing drugs".  I wonder where that phrase comes from.  Why not say "using drugs" "consuming drugs" or "taking drugs".  How, exactly, does one "do drugs"?

I'm not picking on him, by the way.  I myself have also used that expression.  Sitting here on a Friday morning, not dressed yet, but full of coffee, I'm thinking that it's not an expression that makes a lot of sense.  Consider the verb "do".  How is it defined?  Actually, there are a lot of ways to use that word.  I could copy and paste the whole page on the verb "do", but it would take up a lot of space.

The Free Dictionary has a definition for "do drugs".  Obviously, it's a common usage, to refer to ingesting drugs as "doing drugs".  But where did this usage come about?  And why am I sitting here thinking about this when I could be reading CNN and listening to expensive dramatic music accompanying the ubiquitous videos that autoplay whenever I hit that site.

I know, I am a weird person.  But then, maybe I'm not that weird... because if I wasn't sitting here thinking about aspects of the English language and grammar, I could be thinking about beheadings, shootings, terrorism, and obnoxious people on Facebook.

I could also be thinking about the fact that the trip to Italy I had planned for next weekend is probably not going to happen for me because the place where we have been taking our dogs for boarding has turned out to be a den of horrors.  That's probably overstating it, actually...  It's not really a den of horrors if your dog happens to be healthy.  But having heard about other peoples' dogs with special needs being neglected, I decided I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving our boys there anymore.  So Bill will probably go to Italy on business by himself.  I will probably stay home and stew.  We may be able to arrange for another place for the dogs.  But we may not...

Last night, I wrapped a bunch of Christmas presents for Bill.  For some reason, we weren't able to find any Scotch tape.  I ended up using packing tape to wrap the gifts.  They look like shit.  Okay, maybe that's overstating things, but I'm not good at wrapping presents, whether or not I have the correct tape.  I would make a terrible gift wrapper at a department store and I would suck at working for a moving company.

Ah well.  I suppose I ought to get dressed and do something constructive.  Winter weather makes me want to hibernate, though.

First world problems, I know.

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