Friday, December 11, 2015

Danger Will Robinson!

This morning, I read with interest an interesting discussion in a Facebook group.  The group is moderated by a very open-minded guy who lets in anyone who wants to join.  His role, as he puts it, is to keep out spammers.  I'm all for keeping out spammers.  I'm also for keeping out terrorists.

This group is mostly full of Americans from the local military community.  Most members have been well-versed in OPSEC (operation security).  Basically, it's about protecting the military mission by keeping details under wraps.

Anyway, yesterday, a Pakistani guy who lives in the area decided to join our group.  The administrator let him in.  All hell proceeded to break loose as suspicious group members checked out the guy's page.  He had a lot of stuff written in a language no one speaks.  He had videos and pictures of Osama bin Laden.  The group administrator had a friend translate and determined that the postings were not pro OBL.  Still, it made many people nervous.  An online fight ensued with people hurling insults to include the "c word" at each other.  One person said she hoped the admin's kids never had to see him beheaded.

Now...  I didn't get involved in the fray.  When the guy joined, I noticed, but I was too busy enjoying a jam session at Tommi's.  I did go ahead and block the guy after reading some of the comments.  I did it mainly because I don't know why he would want to join a group of Americans in a military community.  His native language isn't English.  He doesn't post in English.  I can't see why he'd want to be in a group with which he has so little in common, especially since the group is mainly consisted of people who bitch about a larger group that doesn't include him.  He may be totally harmless or he may not be.  But I don't see why we'd be friends, so I don't care to share my posts with him.

That being said, I can see why the administrator takes the stand he does.  There is a lot of fear mongering going on now, mostly fueled by the media.  It doesn't help spread peace.  Americans, as a whole, are often xenophobic.  I think it comes from not traveling enough.  So it's not a bad thing to be exposed to different people.  On the other hand, OPSEC is very important in our community.  People within it are doing dangerous work.  So I think it makes sense to be selective about who has access to Facebook groups within our community.  The people in the groups should have actual business with the American community and not just be some random guy.  If that makes me a xenophobic racist, so be it.

And... now it appears I have been kicked out of the group.  It's probably just as well.

Moving on...  

Yesterday, I read an article about a woman who claims having an affair made her a better mother.  In the article, she explains that she and her husband weren't really in love.  He had an affair early in their marriage.  It devastated her.  Years later, she had an affair with a married man.  They had known each other before and had a mutual attraction, which they acted upon.  The author claims that the affair taught her that she'd been missing out on her true self for years.  It apparently changed her life for the better.

I pointed out that the author of the article had a part in making another innocent woman feel the devastation she had when her husband had his affair.  I can see that the affair made her realize that she and her husband needed to divorce.  However, I don't condone cheating, even as I also think that the people who break promises to their spouses are more to blame for infidelity than single people sleeping with married people are.  Cheating can have serious long term effects to include communicable diseases that can be spread via sexual contact.  I'm not the jealous type, but if you care about someone, you don't put them at risk.

Naturally, someone had to come along and say they "couldn't judge" since life is "complicated".  It's true that life is complicated, however, I think everybody judges.  If you didn't judge, you'd end up in trouble rather quickly.  Moreover, if you truly don't want to judge, why make a comment?  It seems to me that by saying you "can't judge", you're kind of judging everybody else for having and expressing an opinion.

My response to the guy was simply "Good for you."  What else could I say?

Arran has a little dark pink patch on his nose that I just noticed today.  Naturally, I'm weirded out about it, especially since we're about to take a trip.  It doesn't look crusty or oozy.  In fact, it just looks like a tiny bit of mottled skin.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the vaccines or he's just getting old.  Either way, I've noticed it and now I feel neurotic.

I love my dogs, but they make me worry so much.  It's probably good that I don't have kids.  I think they would drive me to the nut house.

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