Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Confessions of a Teen Idol...

This was a reality show that aired about six or seven years ago.  I think, anyway... I remember watching it when we lived in Georgia and that was five years ago.  I downloaded it off iTunes and had completely forgotten about it.  Someone reminded me of the show today because I remembered there was a guy on there who drank his own urine.

I couldn't find a clip of the guy and his urine follies, so I started watching the show again.  I gotta say, it's really boring and stupid.  Basically, it's about a bunch of has been teen idols... guys who were popular 20-30 years ago.  They are trying to become "famous" again.

The show stars Adrian Zmed, Billy Hufsey (who ironically was on Fame), Jamie Walters, Jeremy Jackson (of Baywatch), Christopher Atkins, and a couple of other people whose names escape me right now.  Jason Herve, who was in Back To The Future and The Wonder Years is the "host".  Scott Baio makes more than one appearance.

Here I sit, watching it anyway...  It's dumb and boring and I can see why it only lasted a season.  The guy who won obviously didn't become famous again.  I suspect most of them did this shit for the paycheck, which I guess isn't such a terrible reason to do something.

I walked the dogs this afternoon and it was pretty much torture.  My feet were killing me because the shoes I was wearing are a little too narrow.  Not enough that I can't wear the shoes, but just enough that they make me ache.  It goes up my legs to my knees and lower back.  I do have a pair that are more comfortable, but I hate to walk in the mud in them.  Naturally, the dogs got on a scent and made a racket, dragging me behind them.  Since my feet hurt, that was unpleasant.  I refused to move until they shut up.  They finally got the point and started behaving.

I could be writing about something interesting, but I have nothing interesting on my mind right now.  I did start a new book, though, that I think will make for an interesting review once I am finished reading...

I'll be glad when the holidays are over, although the time between January and March is pretty much boring, too.  Sheesh.

At least we have nice weather today.  Lots of sun and mild temperatures.  It's not like the snowy days we had last year post Christmas.

Maybe later, I'll be back with exciting ranting and/or whatever else.


  1. I'm glad your weather is nice. It's a bit cold here, albeit with cold being a relative term. Yesterday I was traveling north through the Grapevine on I-5 when I actually got snowed on (terrible sentence constructions but who really cares?). It reportedly was closed just the other side of the pass not too far behind me. I was grateful to have made it through, as going back and taking an alternate route would have cost me several hours. If I'd taken the coastal route in the first place, which was what I should have done, it would have cost me maybe an hour, though the traffic that way is typically bad enough this time of the year that i'm reluctant to travel that route if there's no compelling reason.

    I would guess the has-beens in the program of which you wrote were motivated to participation by the paycheck, which, I would agree, is not the worst of motivating forces.

    1. I am already hearing fireworks. In two nights, people in Germany will lose their minds.

  2. New Year's Eve isn't nearly so big here in terms of fireworks as it is in other places. here people mostly just get drunk. I didn't really associate fireworks with the holiday until one New Year's even that we spent on Oahu (in Waikiki, actually). That has a fantastic fireworks display from a boat off the shore of Waikiki. It was awe-inspiring, and totally comfortable to recline on towels in the sands of Waikiki in shorts or swimsuits and watch the display. trying to get any sleep at any point during that night was pretty much a joke. people threw firecrackers off their balconies all night long. We continually came across red tissue-paper-like debris all over the island for the next few days, which we eventually learned was firework residue.
    At various times while we were touring the Arizona Memorial, we had a good view of common areas of residential military housing. Tiny children, as in some as young as three- and four-year-olds, were roaming the place freely, lighting fire crackers totally unsupervised. This was probably January 3. It was surreal. They're lucky the entire housing complex didn't go up in flames.

    New Year's Eve and day are just not such firework or firecracker events here in California. I don't think you can even legally buy or set off the things at any point during the New Year's holiday, although legality wouldn't by itself stand in the way of many people, as we have Native American reservations that sell the stuff, plus we're close to Mexico. Fireworks of any kind are illegal all the time here except that some counties obtain waivers for the week of 4th of July.


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