Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas par-tay...

Bill and I are going to his company's holiday celebration tonight.  It's going to be held at a nearby castle/hotel.  We were going to go last year, but I got sick with a nasty cold.  We stayed home instead.  I am not sick this year, but I am on the rag.  :(

This morning, we took the dogs to a new "hunde hotel" to meet the owner and see if we want to try booking there.  We were impressed talking to Max and shared with him what we heard about the place where we used to board our dogs.  We never had a problem personally with our former boarding facility, but there have been a number of concerning incidents that have occurred recently.

I was going to stay home from Italy next weekend when Bill goes because I was concerned about the dogs.  If this new boarding facility works out, I'll go with Bill for nine days.  And then we'll book a week in March so we can take our whisky cruise.

If it doesn't work out, we'll go back to the drawing board.  I will say that it looks promising.

I'm hoping to have fun tonight.  I'll have to keep my mouth shut. 


  1. the thought of living in a place where hotels are in castles is incredibly appealing.

    I really hope the animal care place works out. I hate thinking thought that you're in this wonderful location with so many great places to tour within a realistic travel range but that you can't travel because you're afraid to leave the dogs, but I wouldn't leave my dog with an unfit caregiver, either. It's a sacred trust a person should take on whenever he or she assumes responsibility for a animal.

    1. Yeah... I am really sad what happened to the place we were using. When we were here last time, they were much better and I never worried. They were better than anyone I ever used in the States. Now, since the lady who was running it has left and there have been incidents of dogs dying and getting sick, I can't leave them there anymore.

      I think it'll work out, though. By Wednesday, we'll know if I get to go or have to stay home. There are other places besides the place we used and there are also dog sitters, though I prefer kennels to sitters.


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