Thursday, December 3, 2015

Another day, another mass shooting...

As I was about to go to bed last night, the first news about the San Bernardino mass shooting was breaking.  I see that fourteen more people have been confirmed dead and seventeen are wounded owing to gun violence.  To be honest, I am not necessarily against guns.  I am married to a man who was a career soldier and I am related to many people who pack heat.  They are, for the most part, responsible gun owners.  I say "for the most part" because I do have a cousin who is probably more reckless than he ought to be.  But he hasn't killed anyone yet, at least not that I know of.

It's pretty easy to see why so many people want to enact more gun control.  So many people have died in this year alone, thanks to criminals, maniacs, and zealots who have access to weapons.  On the other hand, I can also see why many people want to arm themselves, ostensibly to protect themselves from the violent people who are doing all this killing.

I guess this is yet another reason why I am so pro choice.  We live in a fucked up world.  Innocent people are being slaughtered while going about their daily business.  While I am certainly happy for people who wish to procreate and are prepared to take care of their offspring, I can't help but wonder about those who are going to come into the world already at a disadvantage.  What makes people so angry and full of hatred for the human race that they would go on a rampage like this one and the one in Paris?

I don't know what to say about this other than the world seems to be getting more and more fucked up.  It's just not getting any better.  I suppose there are some silver linings to all this violence.  Doctors are getting the chance to practice their skills on the wounded.  Undertakers, cops, soldiers, and the press are maintaining job security.  Weapons and ammunitions providers are continuing to make a product that everyone wants.  Lots of people aren't suffering from chronic diseases and lingering on life support because they're being cut down at an early age.

In case anyone is wondering, I'm being sort of facetious.  It's true that I think almost every situation has a positive side, no matter how small.  I don't applaud what's going on now, though...  You might say I'm looking at this in a way that those anti Planned Parenthood idiots were praising the fact that because of the recent shooting in Denver, fewer babies might be aborted.  It's a warped way to look at things.

Anyway, this morning I was reminded of a popular 70s era ad campaign for Coca-Cola...

This was an ad before I was born...  It would have aired at the height of the Vietnam War...

Amazing how simple this is.  Let's all drink a Coke and sing.  How lovely and noble... and unrealistic.  It's a nice sentiment, though.  If we could all just get along and sing a song together, maybe the violence would stop? 

Here's another thing I noticed.  When did news broadcasts start using dramatic music during their reports?  I sit here listening to CNN and as the reporters are talking about what's going on, this really dramatic music, no doubt composed by someone making a nice living setting the mood for tragic news stories, is playing in the background.  I might as well be watching prime time TV.  I guess that's what you call "infotainment".  It's not just about delivering the news.  It's about entertaining people so they keep watching... raising the ratings so commercials like the one above cost more... and the commercials, in turn, sell more products.  But then, not everyone can afford to buy the products, so they get sad, angry, desperate...  Hmm... maybe it's a cycle.

I don't know what prompted the most recent shootings.  I think it's time I surfed away from CNN and did my vacuuming... walked the dogs... wrapped a few presents for under the Christmas tree.  Hope no one shoots me.  On the other hand, if someone does, at least I won't have to hear these horrible news reports anymore.  And a group of professionals can earn a living dealing with my death.

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