Thursday, November 12, 2015

The latest Duggar grandchild finally has a name...

Or, he had one and it's now being announced.  Are you ready?  Drumroll please...  Jessa and Ben Seewald have named their son, Spurgeon.  Yes, that's right.  His name is Spurgeon Elliot Seewald.  Evidently, the name Spurgeon comes from Charles Spurgeon, a British preacher from the 1800s who happens to be Ben's idol (isn't it a sin to worship idols?).  So anyway, thanks to Charles Spurgeon, "Quincy" is now "Spurgeon".  I think they should have stuck with Quincy.

I mean, seriously... it's their baby and they can name him whatever they want.  But doesn't that kid already have enough challenges in his future without being saddled with a name that immediately makes me think of words beginning with "sp"?  Like, for instance, "sperm".  I immediately thought of it when I read the name.  Or "spur"... which roosters and horseback riders have on their feet.  Or sturgeon, a type of fish... or surgeon, a knife wielding physician.  Or worse yet, "spooge"... which is just plain disgusting.  I hope, for the baby's sake, they let him go by the name "Elliot".

I know it's a parent's privilege to bestow names on their offspring.  Calling that boy "Spurgeon" just seems cruel and unusual to me.  But then, a lot of things about the fundie Christian lifestyle seem cruel and unusual in my opinion.  Poor kid.  My condolences go out to him on so many levels.  On the other hand, this news is coming from Yahoo!  Maybe they got it wrong.  Maybe it's just a big cosmic joke.  Maybe I'm not quite awake yet and this is all a bad dream...  I see it's on, too, along with a video.  So sad...

I'll say one thing.  That name is either going to destroy that kid's self esteem or he's going to learn how to fight.

ETA:  It's worse than I thought.  I typed the name Spurgeon into Urban Dictionary.  It ain't pretty, folks.

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