Sunday, November 22, 2015

Showing your...


Someone showed their ass to me last night...

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I have friends on all sides of the political spectrum.  One of my friends is a positively gushing bleeding heart liberal.  A couple of days ago, this person posted a holier than thou status update about Syrian refugees.  Now, to be clear, I support allowing Syrian refugees to leave the war zone.  I think the world should help them.  However, I also support not being so damned open minded that your brains fall out.  This person and some of his friends seem to be in that group of folks who are too open minded for their own good.

Bill is a mutual Facebook friend with this person.  They don't have that much in common, other than the fact that they are about the same age and both attended American University.  Bill added a more moderate response to the guy's sanctimonious Facebook status shaming people for being wary about the refugee situation.  In retrospect, he probably shouldn't have done that.  However, as a guy who literally survived 9/11, has worked with foreign militaries in three different world regions, and is actually seeing Syrian refugees up close and personally, Bill actually knows what he's talking about.  He makes his living in the field of national security.

In our area, a lot of the refugees we're seeing are young males unattached to families.  They aren't allowed to work for four months after they get here, so they don't have much to do.  They take a German culture and language class and that's about it.  So far, there have been reports of people loitering around the American military installations and bus stops taking photos.  Are these people innocently sightseeing?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  However, given that Paris is not so far away and there have been documented reports of terrorist activities, I think it makes sense to be vigilant.  While many people like to preach about not being prejudiced about others, the truth is, prejudice can be a vital part of self-preservation.

Bill never said that we shouldn't help the refugees.  What he advocates is being vigilant and paying attention.  He thinks those who are wanting refugee status ought to be willing to let the rest of the world know who the troublemakers are so they can be dealt with.  I think he makes sense.  He's a reasonable guy, too.  Last night, when he wrote his comment, a man who is also friends with our mutual friend took Bill to task in the most arrogant, holier than thou fashion.  He basically responded to Bill as if he's a knuckle dragging Rush Limbaugh fan.  In short, he did to Bill what he and our mutual friend have been preaching about not doing.  He made assumptions about Bill based on the fact that he's a veteran and has a different perspective.

Since Bill is such a reasonable guy, he thought to himself, "Well, maybe this man knows something I don't.  Maybe he has information that qualifies him to make these extremely condescending remarks."  But then Bill looked at the guy's Facebook page and it turns out that he's a math teacher or something.  He's also a proponent of Common Core.  In fairness to him, I'm sure that some people think Common Core is a great thing.  It doesn't seem to be the norm in thinking among my friends who are parents, though.  

Anyway... last night, due to the snow and overall shitty weather, I was a bit lit.  So I basically told the guy that he was extremely arrogant and that Bill knows of what he writes.  He wrote me two paragraphs of sanctimonious drivel.  I was tempted to tell him off, complete with the f word.  Initially, I actually did just that.  But then I thought better of it and deleted the comment.  Then I added the guy to my block list.  I don't have a problem with people who disagree with me.  I do have a problem with condescending, arrogant, dickheads who think they can school me and can't respond with basic respect.  

Sorry... I am allergic to bullshit.  When it comes down to it, I think most of the refugees are just people who want to be free of the violence and danger of their homeland.  However, while the refugee program is not the easiest, most efficient, or only way for terrorists to gain access to other countries, it is a viable method.  It may take longer, but nothing says that terrorists don't have time to kill.  And even with the best vetting, some will slip through.  Something needs to be done, though, and I am much more likely to listen to someone in Bill's position than a rude Common Core loving math teacher who talks to other people with such disrespect and disdain.  Glad to have that reverse centaur out of my midst.

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