Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sanpaku eyes...

Though I never thought I'd learn anything by reading about the Duggar family, today, I can say I did.  I was just reading about how Jessa Seewald celebrated her 23rd birthday and someone in the comments section wrote:

"Why do they all bug their eyes? Who taught them this?"

And some guy, who also predicts Jessa will go into labor very soon because she has "glossed over" eyes, answered:

"they have sanpaku eyes"

Never having heard of the term, I looked it up.  Evidently, Sanpaku is a Japanese term that originated from a Chinese term.  It means the sclera above or below a person's irises are visible.  Supposedly, it also means there is an imbalance in the body.  Wikipedia reports that the imbalance has to do with sugar or alcohol or even psychosis.  I think in the Duggar family's case, it has to do with religious zealotry.  

The funny thing is, the Duggars don't even remotely resemble the fundie family they were ten years ago.  They've become almost worldly.  They used to be all about modesty, but now not a day goes by that they aren't all over the Internet.  I really think Boob used religion to keep his family under his thumb.  Then, once they got famous, it seemed to be more about money, which he also uses to keep them under control.  Why else would he buy a house, supposedly as a gift for Anna Duggar in a bid to keep her from leaving Josh?  

Actually, let's think about that for a minute.  JimBoob thinks he can buy a house for his daughter-in-law and that would make her want to stay married to his creepy son.  Did it not occur to him that maybe Anna wouldn't like the house Boob chose?  And was he planning to give it to Josh and Anna, or would he simply be a benevolent landlord?  Something tells me that the house would not be theirs.  He would hold it over their heads as a means to control them.

Anyway, I'm hoping that Jessa pops soon so we can stop with the constant pregnancy updates and selfies.  As for Anna, if it were me, I'd be making some serious tracks.  But since it's not me, I just hope she does what is best for her and the kids.  

I guess I'm still not in a writing mood today.   I'm feeling kind of tired.  I may go lie down and read more of Leah Remini's new book about Scientology.

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