Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My feed is awash in opinions...

It's interesting to have friends from either side of the political spectrum.  They all have opinions that run the gamut.  My liberal friends are pointing to why the United States and Europe should open their doors to refugees from the Middle East.  My conservative friends are shouting about how we must close our country to people seeking refugee status.

The arguments for and against are equally vehement.  The liberals are yelling about how hard it is to be declared a refugee and how refugee status is much harder to get than political asylum is.  They claim that no refugee has ever been a terrorist in the United States.  And those who want to say the Boston bombers were refugees are technically wrong.  They were the sons of people who sought asylum, which is not the same as refugee status.

The conservatives are offering common sense platitudes and memes.  Like, for instance... I have 10,000 M&Ms and ten are poisoned.  Want to grab a handful?

Honestly, I can't blame people for running away from Syria.  They need to go somewhere.  I fear that if they aren't given somewhere to go, they could become radical.  But at the same time, I understand that letting people come to Europe or the United States with no vetting or filtering of some sort may be dangerous.  At the same time, I figure that bad people are everywhere and it's hard to contain them.

I wish I had something else on my mind today.  I need to go read RfM or find some very argumentative messageboard with people who piss me off enough that I don't think about refugees or ISIS or terrorism...

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