Saturday, November 14, 2015

Micromanager of an empire of dirt...

This morning, I was telling Bill about a post I saw on RfM written by a divorced guy whose Mormon kids were taking advantage of his largesse and guilt.  The guy wrote that he divorced his LDS wife last year.  His Mormon son beat him up.  His daughter, who is married to a TBM returned missionary, flat out told the guy that he's only good for money.  The guy remarried and gave his daughter the $1000 wedding gift intended for him and his wife.  He's been giving his son $250 a month, despite the fact that the kid has no respect for him whatsoever and Dad doesn't actually have the money to help his kids.  He lives on disability checks.

Naturally, the story reminded me of Bill's situation with his ex stepson, Alex, who used him for money while simultaneously trying to screw him over.  Though it broke Bill's heart, he ended up kicking his kids off the gravy train.  None of them have contact with him anymore.  While I know he's sad about that, a relationship that is dependent on money is not one worth anything.

I was heartened to read comments RfM members who told the guy who posted to cut off his financial assistance to his kids.  The reason I was heartened is that there are a lot of hurting children of divorce who hang out on RfM and they are often quick to defend others like them.  But no, this time, people were on the side of the father being abused by his own children.  People were advising him to take care of himself and his new wife.  One person made a comment that I'll have to remember-- "what you tolerate, you encourage."

Our conversation drifted to talk of leadership.  I mentioned that people were blaming Obama on the terrorist attacks on Paris last night.  Then I remembered that people blamed George W. Bush on 9/11/01 and the fact that he didn't jump into action the moment the attacks happened.  Bill said that a good leader trusts the people to whom he or she has delegated power.  A poor leader micromanages.

Remembering that his ex wife was once a manager, I said "Twatbag is a micromanager."

Bill quipped, "She's a micromanager of an empire of dirt."  Apparently, Bill borrowed that comment from Trent Reznor, but I have to admit, it made me laugh.  Most everything Bill's ex does eventually turns to shit.

I suppose I should get dressed and be productive.  But I don't give a...


  1. Productivity is highly overrated.

    I read that on Rfm too, and was happy to see the angle taken by most if not all of the responders.

    1. Says you...

      I did get dressed and we had a nice dinner.


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