Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy T day!

I figure this is the perfect photo for today's post...

I am sure today, there will be many pictures of my family in Virginia enjoying the holiday meal.  Our own meal was memorable, though I hope to find an even better one today or tomorrow.  I will probably also put up our freakin' Christmas trees.  I like looking at the lights, but actually putting up the trees is a pain in the ass, especially since it's just Bill and me anyway.

 It's all foggy this morning, though, so it's the perfect time to "Christmasify" the house.  And hey, since I didn't burn it down last night when I left the dryer running unattended, we have even more to celebrate.  Egg nog, anyone?  Here's another reason to cheer.  There will be no Christmas drama.  Or, at least it will be dramatically reduced.

I purchased Bill a special Christmas present this year.  He already knows what it is, so I'm going to share it here.  I bought him a special Advent calendar.  Last year, we did the beer Advent calendar, but to be honest, drinking 24 days worth of very good but kinda boring German beers isn't all that special.  So this year, I made him a custom Advent calendar with a variety of liquors.  I used rum, vodka, gin, whisky, liqueur, and cognac.  It was not a cheap endeavor, but I have a feeling it will be well-received.  In fact, I hope it'll be well-received today; I see it's on the truck for delivery.  If I've piqued your interest, you can find them here.  And yes, though it is a British company that makes them, they do ship to the United States... not that I'd know from personal experience or anything.  ;-)

Bill is now downstairs making cheese soufflés for breakfast.  That was sort of a "gift" for our wedding in November 2002.  We stayed at the Hummingbird Inn and the couple that owned it at the time were great cooks.  The female half was a British lady who was brilliant in the kitchen.  She made the soufflé and I went home, found a recipe for cheese soufflé and adapted it.  Now Bill makes them.  Then, after we have breakfast and put up all the Christmas crap, we'll probably venture out for some fun.  It would be nice if the weather was better, but crappy weather is the price you pay for living in beautiful Germany.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and will get to enjoy today... preferably not fighting at a store over cheap Chinese crap.  

ETA:  It's here!


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