Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dear friends...

This morning, I was surprised by an instant message from a dear friend of mine from my days waiting tables in Williamsburg, Virginia.  This lady was around when I was at the lowest (thus far) point in my life.  She was there when I was clinically depressed and saw me when I silently hoped for sudden death on a daily basis.

Now I'm much better.  I feel better and more hopeful.  I look better, though I'm heavier than I was back then.  I haven't had a really good cry in ages.

My friend is now going through a rough time.  A few weeks ago, her sister died very suddenly.  The family was not prepared for the death, so they were suddenly hit with funeral expenses.  I made a donation to their GoFundMe.  Then my old friend joined Facebook and we connected.

Back in the day, I used to go visit her... and her sister and daughter and their dogs and cats.  We kind of came from different worlds, but we all got along really well.  I spent many afternoons swilling Kendall Jackson Sauvignon Blanc or Yuengling beers with them.  Then, my life changed directions and I stopped being able to see them as often.

Facebook causes me a log of angst and there are times when I think I should just dump it and live my life more offline.  But then when I am able to talk to an old friend on Facebook... and not just by instant message, but over the Internet-- we heard each other's voices-- I think it's a great thing.  My friend is pretty heartbroken right now and she said that it was wonderful to hear my voice.  It was just as wonderful for me to hear hers.  She helped me get through a tough time.  I hope I can help her in the same way.

My friend wanted me to sing for her.  It was a little awkward to sing on our fragile Internet phone connection, but I did just make a recording that seemed appropriate.

Well... it's appropriate in that I've missed my friend, not that I'm mad at her for dumping me.  

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