Saturday, October 3, 2015

"Transabled" people...

Until yesterday, I had never heard of the term "transabled".  I came across it after reading the story of Jewel Shuping, a woman who had always dreamt of being blind.  When she was twenty-one, Jewel sought help from a sympathetic psychologist she refuses to name.  The psychologist, who apparently spent a few weeks talking to Jewel to ascertain her sanity, then allegedly put numbing drops in the woman's eyes followed by drain cleaner.

Shuping explains that the drain cleaner hurt very much, but she didn't seek help.  Instead, she let the cleaner destroy her vision.  Now she is almost completely blind and claims she's never been happier.  Frankly, I have to wonder about a psychologist who would willingly do this for someone.  Shuping is apparently happy, but what if she wasn't?  What if, after being blinded, she regretted her decision?

I posted about Shuping on my Facebook page and a friend found a related article about transabled people, that is, people who deliberately disable themselves because they feel like that's how they were meant to be.  These folks will go to gruesome lengths to disable themselves.  The article I linked references a man who used a sharp power tool to cut off one of his arms.  Others have made themselves deaf, blind, or even paralyzed.

While I personally think the very strong desire to disable oneself is very strange and I don't understand it, this phenomenon is apparently a real thing.  I hesitate to say it's "wrong" per se... but I definitely can't wrap my head around it.  The pain alone would deter me.

The human mind is fascinating.  People sure come up with some crazy stuff.  

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