Friday, October 9, 2015

The worst day of your life so far...

Someone on RfM asked members of the messageboard to write about their worst day so far.  After reading some of the responses, I have to admit that my life has been a cakewalk compared to a lot of people's.  Some of the stuff people have been through is truly tragic.

Posters have written about suicide, miscarriages, sexual assault, 9/11, poverty, loss of career, devastating illnesses, and the list goes on and on.  I have dealt with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, an alcoholic parent, anger issues, abuse, and loss of several beloved pets.  But even with all of that, my issues with the aforementioned problems are pretty small potatoes.

Even when I felt suicidal, I wasn't at a point at which I needed to be put in a hospital.  In fact, I have never even been hospitalized, except for once when I was a baby and had pneumonia.  Clearly, I don't remember the experience at all.

While I experienced sexual abuse, the degree to which I experienced it was very mild.  It had an effect on me, but didn't traumatize me to the point of having nightmares.

I never even had to deal with divorced parents, though there were times when I wished my parents would have divorced.  Of course, now I look back on it and I think it would have sucked if they'd split up.  As much of an ass as my dad could be at times, he and my mom loved each other and were a good team.  And I don't think either of them would have wanted custody of the kids.

I have never discovered a dead person or worse, someone who committed suicide.  I have never lost a child, unless you count Bill's ex daughters.  Clearly, that affects him much more than it ever will me.

I have not yet experienced financial devastation, though I have experienced prolonged unemployment.  But we always had enough to get by and eventually things got better.

Bill was in the Pentagon on 9/11 and I wasn't sure if he was dead or alive.  But he lived and then we ended up engaged.  He went to war and dealt with a narcissistic boss who made his life hell, but six months later he came home, mostly without PTSD and without any injuries.

I've been mostly surrounded by good people.  Even the ones that weren't so good never did serious damage to me.  I don't live in a war zone.  I don't have to fear being raped or murdered or sold as a sex slave, like so many women in the Middle East do.  I have been blessed with many choices and have gotten the chance to see a lot of the world.  And I've seen a lot of it in decent style.

I have lost loved ones, but so far everyone who has died has been at an age at which it's not been a terrible tragedy.  So far, the people I've lost have led long, successful lives and it was simply their time to go.

I'm sure darker days are coming.  Everybody hurts sometimes, right?  I have hurt in the past, but I realize that my degree of hurt was pretty minimal.  Is this the normal scheme of things, or have I just been very lucky?

I have had some bad days and I even responded to that thread... but my worst days seem kind of ridiculous in the grand scheme of things.

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