Saturday, October 10, 2015


A classic song about sisters...

I figure it's time I wrote another post about the Duggars.  It's been awhile since I last snarked about them and I'm not in the mood to be serious today.

First of all, I just read a gossipy article about Jinger Duggar, who is supposedly side hugging one of the Bates boys.  I'm all for this, by the way.  I think Jinger is cute and funny and ought to get out of the Tinkertoy Mansion.  I don't know if the Bates family is better than the Duggar family, though I don't find Gil Bates nearly as annoying and patriarchal as Boob is.  Frankly, I find myself more and more revolted by Boob.

The article mentions that Jana had been interested in Zach Bates, but that didn't work out.  So she set her sights on Lawson, but now Lawson is rumored to be sending Bible verses to Jinger.  So that leaves poor Jana out in the cold again.

Jana is 25 years old, though, and really ought to just bail.  She's beautiful, in the prime of her life, and ought to be enjoying life on her own without diaper duties.  And I would love to see her find a nice guy from a normal family.  I doubt it'll happen, though, because Boob is so controlling and treats his family like they are possessions.

Moving on...  I read another speculative article about Anna Duggar possibly considering a divorce from her scuzzball husband, Josh.  There wasn't that much in the article that I hadn't read elsewhere, except for news about the house she and Josh owned.  Apparently, the house changed hands in late August, right around the time that it came out that Josh was screwing porn stars.

Boob transferred ownership of the house to his lawyer, who set up a company to handle his real estate investments.  There is talk that this was done to prevent Anna from getting the house if she and Josh divorce.  If that's true, Boob Duggar is even more of a slime ball than I thought he was.  I bet if they do split up, the Duggars will do all they can to get custody of the kids, too.  I know this shouldn't be a serious threat in today's court system, but I wouldn't put it past the Duggars to pull that kind of shit.

I think if I were Anna Duggar, I'd call up Gloria Allred, set the wheels in motion for a divorce, and write a fucking tell all book.  But Boob probably made her sign a non-disclosure agreement before she married Josh.  I wouldn't put that past him, either.  He's such a control freak.


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