Saturday, October 24, 2015

RIP Uncle Glenn...

Yesterday, I got the news that my mom's brother Glenn died on Wednesday of this week.  He had been in poor health for years and was probably about 90 years old.  Since he had been in a coma for the past few days, his passing was peaceful.

Glenn was my mom's only sibling.  He was 13 years older than her and had beautiful blue eyes and thick white hair.  My first memories of him start at around 1978, right after we came home from England.  He was living in Buena Vista, Virginia with his first wife, Eunice, with whom he had his only child, a daughter named Sue.  Sue is quite a bit older than I am.  She is my only cousin on my mom's side of the family.  I don't know her very well.  She still lives in Buena Vista.

Anyway, back in the late 70s, Glenn and his wife had motorcycles that they used to ride together.  Eunice was very ill with breast cancer.  I remember she had wigs... and lots of Elvis memorabilia.   Glenn was very good with electronics and worked at the local ABC store (liquor store)... of course, that was years before Buena Vista became overrun with Mormons.

After Eunice died, Glenn married her cousin, Eleanor, who taught physical education and had three daughters from her first marriage.  Since they married in the early 80s, they managed to enjoy a long partnership, making their home in Stuarts Draft, Virginia for many years.

When Glenn eventually became ill with Parkinson's Disease, they moved to Pennsylvania.  I'm pretty sure that's because Eleanor's children live there and were able to help them.  Glenn was very sick about 7 or 8 years ago and, to be honest, a lot of us were afraid he was going to die then.  But he rallied when his doctors changed his medications. Glenn and Eleanor used to visit my parents sometimes in Gloucester.   And we'd often visit them in Stuarts Draft on our way to Granny's house in Natural Bridge, Virginia.

I don't think I've seen Glenn since my wedding day in November 2002.  He and his wife and my cousin were there and it was good to see them.  They were all in good health... like my dad, my Uncle Carl, and my Uncle Kenneth.  Since July 9, 2014, these four men have exited their earthly existences for the Great Beyond.

Well... while I'm sad that Glenn was sick for so long and it's always hard to say goodbye to a loved one, he was very elderly and it was simply his time to go.  Wherever he is now, I hope he's at peace.

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