Saturday, October 31, 2015


Yesterday, I got what appeared to be an automated nastygram from Google Adsense.  It was due to a post I wrote a year ago about a certain hot pink toy that someone was trying to sell on a local yard sale page.  I wasn't advertising the toy or anything.  I just happened to use the slang term for such toy and included a photo of it.  So, one year later, I got in "trouble" for it, even though the post was about uptight military wives more than it was about toys.

I decided to remove the post and one that accompanied it.  It doesn't get a whole lot of attention these days anyway.  I noticed that the hit that caught the content came from India.  I'm not sure if it was automated or if a real person was making the decision to flag me.  I did notice that the generic email came very soon after the hit from India came.

After reading up on other peoples' experiences with Adsense and realizing that in two years, I've made a whopping $200 from ads on my three blogs, I have decided that if I get additional nastygrams, I will simply get rid of the ads.  I may also decide to change blog hosts.  I like using blogspot because it's easy to use, but I am not averse to starting over on a different platform if I have to.


  1. How do nastygrams work, anyway?

    1. They just send you a generic email and tell you what needs to be done. In my case, it was an easy fix. Unfortunately, I think it now means my blog on the radar.


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